Blues Strike 蓝军出击 Episode 3 Recap

Wang Ke fainted in a hurry, Chu Zhangang asked Wang Kezheng about tactics and was monitored

Chu Zhangang and Xu Xiaocun discussed this mission against the mountain leopard brigade, and Xu Xiaocun was really at a loss. Chu Zhan feels that being named by the leader is a good thing, which shows that he is in the heart of the leader. When Xu Xiaocun heard it, his heart felt a little deep. Chu Zhangang asked him to go back to do the acting mobilization work tomorrow, and he would go to joint participation to explore the bottom.

Xu Xiaocun didn’t understand why Chu Zhangang went to join the joint participation. Chu Zhangang explained that the Mountain Leopard Brigade was pushed up by the Shen Jun, and this time it was an instant hit. Now Xing Zhiqiang is letting the 909 Brigade fight against the Mountain Leopard Brigade. It was thought-provoking, so he wanted to join the joint participation to figure out the real intention of the leader to engage in this act.

At this time, the secretary sent Chu Zhangang a briefing and criticism of He Yazhou and Wang Kezheng from the theater. If this matter was placed before the military reform, it would not be a big deal, but now the military reform has only just begun, and Chu Zhangang realized that he should pick up God .

Wang Kezheng was very angry when he saw He Yazhou’s circular and criticized. He felt that he shouldn’t go to the chief to intercede, but he gave himself a circular and criticized. There was a fire in Wang Kezheng’s heart, saying that he had failed too much this time, and he was ashamed of the 808 brigade. The more Wang Kezheng talked, the more anxious he was, and suddenly he fainted to the ground.

Chu Zhangang felt that today’s things were a little bit foggy, and the two discussed separately and went to Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou to inquire about the strategy and tactics of the Mountain Leopard Brigade. There was the sound of an ambulance outside, and the two of them ran out to see that Wang Kezheng was carried away by a stretcher.

Han Peng asked Liu Shanshan for the detailed information of all the chief officers of the 909 brigade, in order to know himself and the enemy. Tong Fei came to him with Han Peng seconded her IOU. Han Peng still wanted to keep Tong Fei. As long as Tong Fei was willing, she could bring students for research, or take old company apprentices to the camp for a period of time.

Han Peng knows that she has many years of overseas military experience and is the talent the Mountain Leopard Brigade needs most. Tong Fei remained unmoved, saying that she was taken to the Mountain Leopard Brigade by Han Peng’s coaxing belt. Now the Mountain Leopard Brigade has become famous in World War I, and she should have retired.

The next day, Han Peng took Xie Bing as a guest. Xie Bing and Situ Ben were old classmates and also a military attaché abroad. Situ was very grateful to Han Peng this time, because Tong Fei was a workaholic. Situ’s parents watched the second child policy start and kept pushing themselves. Although Situ wanted to have a second child, he didn’t dare to mention it.

He didn’t want Tong Fei to call him a few days ago to discuss this matter, saying that Han Peng reminded him. Situ was very grateful to Han Peng, and Han Peng smiled and said that he had to wait until the fight with the 909 brigade was over before he could leave. Xie Bing and Tong Fei talked about the second child while cooking, and they also persuaded Xie Bing to have a chance to give birth to the child as soon as possible. The four of them celebrated Han Peng’s success.

Just as Chu Zhan went to the hospital to visit Wang Kezheng, he met Liu Shanshan dressed as a doctor as soon as he got out of the elevator. Liu Shanshan enthusiastically helped him with a fruit basket and sent him to Wang Kezheng’s ward, and then secretly eavesdropped on him while they were not prepared The device is placed under the fruit basket. Wang Kezheng always felt that Liu Shanshan was a bit familiar, and suspected that she was sent by Han Peng, and felt that she was too nervous to be hurt by Han Peng.

Chu Zhangang asked Wang Kezheng about the experience and lessons of the 808’s defeat. Wang Kezheng became energetic when he heard that the 909 brigade was going to confront the Mountain Leopard brigade, and Chu Zhangang made him speak out for himself. Wang Kezheng told Chu Zhangang about the failure of the battle. In fact, these methods used by Han Peng were not new, they were commonly used by foreign troops, but because he underestimated the enemy, Chu Zhangang must not underestimate them.

Tong Fei and Liu Shanshan led people outside to monitor the conversation between Wang Kezheng and Chu Zhangang, and Chu Zhan was about to wash the fruit for Wang Kezheng. Tong Fei was a little worried that the monitor would be discovered by Chu Zhangang, just as Wang Kezheng proposed to ask Chu Zhangang to eat crayfish, Tong Fei quickly asked Liu Shanshan to take someone to the hotel to set up.

Han Peng felt that it was not necessary to infiltrate and monitor every chief official, but Tong Fei said that such methods are used by foreign troops a lot. From ordinary trade to the entry of passengers, from secret countermeasures to open purchases, foreign troops can do everything. pole. The Chinese army fought too few battles, and as a blue army, they imitated the foreign army. Although they feel that defeating the People’s Liberation Army is emotionally unacceptable, this is the meaning of the blue army’s existence. Han Peng had to admire Tong Fei’s theoretical level, saying that she was indeed a professor.

Han Peng thinks that Tong Fei has a lot of grass and trees. Tong Fei said that she just wanted to answer. Now Chu Zhangang must want to avoid the problem of the previous failure of the 808 brigade, because now they are running out of time. Chu Zhangang may be pressed into a hurry and will use civilian communications to communicate in violation of the rules and discuss the marching route and combat plan with Xu Xiaocun.

When Chu Zhangang and Wang Kezheng came to the hotel, Wang Kezheng repeatedly told Chu Zhangang to be careful. Wang Kezheng is a pity that the political commissar was notified, and it was very useless. Chu Zhangang asked him to talk to the leader about the Shengzheng Master, saying that his biggest problem was not understanding the leadership’s intentions. Wang Kezheng urged him to go back quickly. However, Chu Zhangang said that sharpening the knife should not cut the wood by mistake, and he has to go to the military theater command to find out the leader’s tone, and he must be targeted.

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