Fights Break Sphere 2 is about to start filming

At the moment when “Fights Break Sphere” decided to film and television, the producers had already set a plan for two seasons. It can also be seen from the end of the first season that Xiao Xun’er’s betrayal, Xiao Yan’s dying life, and Xiao Yixian’s desperate protection are destined to make the second plot more compact and sensual.

As we all know, there are so many fans of the original novel “Fights Break Sphere”. When it was about to be adapted into a TV series, many netizens were boiling. However, after the show was released, the TV series was very inconsistent with the original, resulting in the drama’s ratings and word of mouth not being very good!

The editor had the privilege of watching this TV series, but I didn’t complain about the others. The “Magic Reform” at the time of closing alone made it difficult for many people to accept. In the original book, Xiao Xun’er and Xiao Yan have been childhood sweethearts and admired each other. No matter what happens, their relationship has never changed.

However, in the finale of the TV series “Battle Break Sphere”, Xiao Xun’er took the ancient jade from Xiao Yan while Xiao Yan was about to die. Before leaving, he said: “I will avenge you,” which is a bit speechless.

Fortunately, there is another character in the play that is good, that is, the little medical fairy played by Li Qin, who has become the favorite of many netizens. The entire TV series developed here, and the first season of “Fights Break Sphere” ended, leaving many viewers with suspense and expectations.

A thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts. As an original fan, one can understand that the “live-action version” is difficult to shoot. After all, the scenes in the novel are too grand. The past is over, we can only hope that the second one will be better. Now, two years have passed since “Fights Break Sphere”. Although the ratings and reputation of this TV series are not very good, there are still many “non-iron fans” netizens looking forward to the second one.

In the first part, when Lin Yun played Xiao Xun’er, many netizens questioned that the character gap between her and Xiao Xun’er was a bit big, and her image was not very consistent. Sure enough, after the first movie was released, the alienated and cold face was very different from the lively and active character of the original.

The second poster seems to have upgraded the characters! What stands out in the poster is a kind of hazy beauty. The temperament of holding a sword and the faint smile on his face have so much imagination with the original Xiao Xun’er.

The second one is about Xiaoyixian, the shape is intoxicating!

In the first “Fights Break the Sphere”, the “plants” costume of the little doctor immortal made everyone lose their temper. Fortunately, Li Qin’s appearance is high enough to be able to control this girl. After the revision, it seems that there has been a comprehensive upgrade, and the overall shape is also fairy-like. A long hair and a long skirt are really gorgeous. Such a little doctor is even more exciting.

Now that the official announcement posters have all come out, the second part of “Fights Break Sphere” must not be far from starting! Looking at the looks of Xiao Yixian and Xiao Xun’er, the editor is a little bit looking forward to the second one.

At present, the actors in the second part of “Fights Break Sphere” have not been officially announced. I don’t know if the producers will change people based on the attitude of netizens! If you want to change people, who do you think is the most suitable for the lead role?