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So you are Mr. Gu

This upcoming new sweet drama is “So You Are Such Mr. Gu”, this drama mainly tells the contract marriage between the princess and the contrasting cute ceo, and a series of heartwarming stories . It is said that the female protagonist is a bankrupt daughter because of the marriage contract and married the male protagonist, but after the two understand each other and heal each other, it is not too sweet!

Although you can see that it is a very typical sweet drama, and it is still very popular recently after marriage! But who doesn’t like watching sweet love? So it is natural to never tire of such a plot! And after seeing the cast, it must be a pre-exploded drama that didn’t run!

Chen Jingke’s appearance is also very handsome, and he has the feeling of being a male protagonist in the novel! Fan , the tender and domineering president, is coming right away , and he plays a crowd-phobic president in the play, which is still very novel! Fight against some tyrants who couldn’t touch girls before! I believe that this time Chen Jing will definitely bring us extraordinary excitement!

And Yan Zhichao is also a new-generation actor, and he is still born after 00! It looks terrifying! And Yan Zhichao is the pinnacle of his debut! The first film and television work starred in the heroine, presumably Hualu will be shining brightly in the future!

Yan Zhichao is also very pure and lovely in the stills, as lively as the lively heroine in the original! I believe that Yan Zhichao’s appearance in the play this time will definitely bring us many surprises! I wonder if she will let everyone remember her and become famous in one fell swoop ?

However, the supporting cast seems to be more experienced, like Tang Xiaomi in “A River of Sadness”. Although Zhu Danni is also a newcomer in the play, she still has very good acting experience and her acting skills are also remarkable! After “A River of Sadness”, I also appeared in a lot of works, I believe this time in “So you are like Mr. Gu” will certainly not let us down!