Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 25 Recap

Luo Qiuheng received a call about Su Wenli’s accident. He hurried to the radio station, rescued Su Wenli, and brought Tang Weichen to justice. The case came to an end, and Shen Xiaoan and Xiao Taozi were reconciled as before. Everyone toasted to celebrate. Shen Xiaoan put the bracelet back on Xiao Taozi and confessed affectionately to Xiao Taozi.

Luo Qiuheng came to see the director. The director was the master who took him with one hand. The director loved Luo Qiuheng very much and prepared sweet-scented osmanthus cakes for Luo Qiuheng. He said that he had already won the position of Director Dubois from the police station for Luo Qiuheng. , And strive to win this position.

In the apartment, Sister Hong had just returned from watching the movie, but found that the door of the room was locked. She broke in and was shocked to find that Mr. Jia was sleeping in the room and a woman died in the room together. On the other hand, Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi and Liu Ruqing are learning dancing at home. Xiao Taozi’s sister, Orange, finds Su Wenli and claims that one of her sisters was murdered by a bully policeman, hoping that Su Wenli can help her get it back. justice.

Director Jia is Luo Qiuheng’s master, Director Jia’s daughter Jia Lili approached Luo Qiuheng for this. The woman who died in Director Jia’s room belonged to a nightclub. If this matter was a premeditated murder, Director Jia would be a suspected murderer. Luo Qiuheng knew that it was impossible for his master to commit murder, but he was not in charge of this case, so he could only think of ways out of it.

Luo Qiuheng brought people to Director Jia’s home and stopped the case, which will be under the jurisdiction of the Central Patrol House. Immediately afterwards, Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng came to the scene of the first crime. Su Wenli had found out the identity of the deceased. She was from the Brilliant Club. At this time, Jia Lili also came to the scene of the crime. Su Wenli learned Jia Lili is Luo Qiuheng’s ex-girlfriend. She is jealous, and her words are stabbing.

As the first witness, Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli asked about the case, and learned that the door was locked from inside on the night of the case. Su Wenli started her own associations. Apart from the murder, the case was also extremely good. It may be a manslaughter. Director Jia overplayed with the woman and caused an accident. Luo Qiuheng was dissatisfied with Su Wenli’s reasoning, but Su Wenli filed the first rule of criminal case, reminding Luo Qiuheng not to use emotions.

Director Jia woke up and Luo Qiuheng came over to ask Director Jia about the case. Director Jia looked at the photo and shook his head and denied that he knew the deceased and did not have a glorious club in the past. When the two were talking, Jia Lili brought her boyfriend Zhou Kaisheng to visit Jia. Director, Director Jia obviously didn’t want to see Zhou Kaisheng. Luo Qiuheng had already let go of his previous feelings without any disturbance.

Su Wenli came to the Brilliant Club and asked about the deceased’s information. Dong Anna of the club believed that the matter had nothing to do with the club. In order to investigate the facts, Su Wenli decided to use the identity of a female singer to enter the Brilliant Club undercover, but at this time the Central Patrol House encountered There was a lot of abuse from the people, and even the public director called Luo Qiuheng and asked Luo Qiuheng to arrest Director Jia as soon as possible.

At night, Luo Qiuheng came to the Brilliant Club with Shen Xiaoan in order to investigate. Xiao Tang struck up Shen Xiaoan with Shen Xiaoan. Shen Xiaoan was at a loss. Luo Qiuheng looked deep and investigated the case seriously. Shen Xiaoan first asked the security guard Xue Jialiang at the door. Taozi came to the club at this moment to give Su Wenli a fan. Shen Xiaoan was very surprised by this and worried about Xiao Taozi. He was absent-minded all night, but Xiao Taozi, who was about to leave after sending the fan, saw Xiao Orange talking to him. Annoyed on his face, afraid that Xiao Taozi would misunderstand.

Su Wenli came to the middle of the stage as the showgirl Emma. Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Su Wenli. Even Luo Qiuheng temporarily put aside his work and looked at Su Wenli on the stage intently. He did not stop him. Su Wenli solved the case to find clues, and left the club as soon as the VIP registration book, and Su Wenli also approached the security guards, intending to dig out clues.

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