Ace School Grass Exclusive Love 2

Ace School Grass Exclusive Love 2
Other names: 王牌校草独家爱2
Author: Yi Duo
Genre: Novel, Youth Campus, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


Xia Xiaoyi, a young girl who started school, was accidentally taken away by Noah College’s ace Tang Ling for her first kiss. What was even more “surprised” was that he actually “loved her with a kiss”, helped her face a scheming girl, and invited her to join the student union. Live in her home, still claiming to be the mysterious and beautiful boy zero she has been looking for? !

Wall dong, shoulder rubbing, face-to-face killing take turns in battle, the ace school grass strongly chasing love. “It was my fault to take your first kiss. Based on the principle of responsibility, I decided to spoil you to the end in this life.” He smiled black and kissed her lips. A double dream, a fateful meeting, is it destined or a love trap of the school grass?