San Sheng Sigh: Feng Yin Jiu Tian

San Sheng Sigh: Feng Yin Jiu Tian (Novel)
Other Name: 三生叹:凤引九天

Genre: novel
Author: On Nine Royal Highness
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The main characters in the novel are Feng Zhilan and Wen Xiao. The emotional story between them has attracted much attention. The site provides a final version of reading. This article summarizes in detail: Feng Zhilian never thought that he had given everything for him in the end, but got nothing. Under nine days, the boy once appeared in front of her again, but some things went with him. With the passage of these hundreds of years, changes have taken place. She thought that her love would not change even if she was heartbroken, but in the end it was no match for his cruelty to herself. Maybe everything shouldn’t be right from the beginning. Happen, don’t meet…

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No wonder this shirt looks intact.” I lowered my head and looked at the damaged place in the past. The threads and veins were tightly stitched, and there was no sign of repair. Red Phoenix yarn, this is not a dress that can be repaired casually. , If it can be done easily, I will not hold it on the bottom of the box for tens of thousands of years. This garment is woven from the first red golden light that rises every day for nine days. It uses red golden light as the silk. It takes at least a few thousand to repair such a small piece. It is not the first red golden light every day. , Can be easily collected by people, I have tried to collect again before, but for three hundred years, only one or two strands have been collected. If you want to repair it, thread and craftsmanship are indispensable.

The blue silk was tired into a bun, the little palace lady took a bright red hosta and did not enter my hair, and then decorated with a few delicate silk flowers, simple dressing, I am still the young and beautiful old phoenix that year!

“The slave servant used to secretly see the portrait of Master Feng Zu in the emperor’s bedroom. The Master Feng Zu on the portrait was very cold. Although she was a beautiful and unparalleled woman, her eyes were firm and brave, especially when she was wearing her shirt and carrying silver. The appearance of the gun killing the enemy really admired the servants. In the description of the emperor, Master Fengzu has always been cold and dusty, not eating the fireworks, and one can match the existence of hundreds of thousands of heavenly soldiers and generals in the heavens. Fortunately today. Seeing Master Fengzu’s true face, the slave servant found that Master Fengzu…not the cold shadow in the servants’ minds.”

I raised my finger and stroked the silk flower between my hair, curled my lips and said lightly: “Your emperor, have you mentioned this seat before?”

The little maid nodded, pursed her lips, and said: “The slave servant has served the emperor for some years. A few years ago, I accidentally heard about the ancestor of the phoenix from the emperor’s mouth. The emperor said… The ancestor is the strongest woman in the world, fighting to kill enemies, comparable to men, the best weapon in the category, through the hands of the Fengzu master, the handles and handles are all in the history of ancient artifacts, ranking among the best. The ancestors were the favorite before. The junior is Master Fengzu.”

Also know that praise me in front of the maid, is this a memory?

I laughed at myself and laughed: “The previous glory is nothing. If I were a truly capable god, I wouldn’t be confused about my sleep, even how I fell asleep and how I became like this. know.”

“Don’t worry about Master Feng Zu, the emperor has already invited Lord Healing Master to come here to diagnose Master Feng Zu, and he is already waiting at the Chongyun Hall. Master Healing Master has good medical skills, and there must be a way to make Master Feng Zu better! “

Seeing the firm eyes of the little palace lady in the mirror, I smiled bitterly and nodded, playing with a small glazed flower hairpin in my hand. How do I feel better, now that I can still pretend to be back with him by the name of amnesia, Get along with him in harmony, and be able to stay by his side at such a close distance. After everything is over, I really don’t know how to convince myself and forgive him for his love of the past…

After a lot of freshening and dressing, we left the hot spring hall and reappeared in front of the immortal houses of Chongyun Hall calmly.

The matter of my awakening is currently only known from Taiqing and Yuqing. Since he came back, he has been busy with my affairs. I guess he has not had time to play his part on the things I have been reborn. Nephew of the Emperor of Heaven, and the immortal who can appear in Chongyun Hall at this moment, I think it should be his own.

The god of medicine took a half-person-tall boy hunched to one side, while the man standing with his hands in the center of the hall stood on the left and right sides of a priest and a fairy.

Seeing me entering the temple, the immortals buttoned their sleeves and bowed their hands respectfully. The man in the dark blue long coat in the center of the temple also turned around, his eyes blended with mine, and he suddenly lost his soul and was stunned. Lived.

I don’t know if he will feel like a world away.

I don’t like to be restrained by nature. I simply waved my hand to signal them to get up. Then I found a place to sit down on the side of the temple, fished out my sleeves, and showed my wrists: “Take the pulse? Come here. But Wen Xiao Let’s say yes, it’s feasible to get the pulse. If you give me a bunch of prescriptions and send me a bunch of black herbs, I won’t drink it.”

The old doctor god glanced at him, he slowly walked to my side, also sat down, and calmly said: “Okay, it’s all up to you. This time it’s just a simple pulse diagnosis and see your The body can recover as usual, if not, I will accompany you again to help you practice in retreat.”

“Retreat to practice?” I sighed unwillingly, rubbed my eyebrows, and lazily said: “I only woke up now, so I want to practice in retreat again. Is it boring? My body, I know the best. , Even if all the spiritual aura does not return to the body, it does not take long to recover on its own. You and I are all gods transformed from the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, and Tai does not need to retreat for half of the time, unless it is a great loss of the fairy… …But I feel that, except for the slowness of my spiritual energy accumulation, there is no discomfort in other things.”

“You have been asleep for 280,000 years. I don’t know if you had any serious injuries before you fell asleep, and I secretly probed your spiritual veins and found that your body is much weaker than 280,000 years ago. Ask the gods of medicine to get the pulse for you, I feel more at ease.”

Seeing that he is so…worrying about me, I pursed my dry lips, and said calmly to the gray-haired old man: “Then there will be a god of labor.”

At that time, the white-haired old man, who was arching and waiting on the side, got the order, so he lowered his head and came forward. He took the soft cushion in his disciple’s hand and placed it under the back of my hand, and turned into a clean white handkerchief. The child touched my pulse, and stood in front of me in a decent way, stroking my beard while giving me pulse.

He stroked his beard back and forth four or five times, and the old doctor squinted his eyes, something strange. The young man sitting in distress waited for a while, and finally couldn’t help but asked: “I know her, what is wrong with her body?”

The old doctor finally paused the movement of the beard in his hand, lifted the two fingers pressed on the pulse, and then cast the spell on the fingertips again, bringing a silver light straight into my spiritual platform. The moment the luster entered the spirit platform, I suddenly felt a little dizzy, and my body shook. Fortunately, I held the coffee table next to me in time, and this side barely stabilized my body. The old doctor god cast the spell quickly, before a long time, he waved his hand, and the spiritual power was withdrawn from my spiritual platform again.

At the moment when he regained his spiritual power, the old doctor god’s face suddenly paled, and he took two or three steps back in a panic. Seeing his reaction like this, the man next to him took half of his heart and raised his eyebrows dignifiedly and asked: “What the hell is going on, I hope the Lord Doctor will tell the truth.”

The white-haired old man raised his head and glanced at him meaningfully. Then he glanced at the white-clothed priest on the other side, and drew in an embarrassment. God is also damaged. Even after slumbering for 280,000 years, the body injury is so severe that the soul soul is temporarily weak. But… this is not the most important thing, the soul is weak. The use of immortal medicine to recuperate is, the trouble is…” The white-haired old man put his gaze on me, and said carefully: “The little god boldly asks Master Feng, Master Feng, why does the inner alchemy no longer exist? ?”

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