Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 32 Recap

Just after class was about to leave the classroom, Park Qicai received a call from Quan Xizheng , saying that he had bought her ice cream and was waiting for her by the side of the road. Park Qicai happily hurried to look for him. Right after the phone call, Quan Hee was waiting on the side of the road. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of him. A girl walked out of the car and said to him, Hee Jung’s brother had not seen him for a long time and hugged him. Quan Xizheng was also stunned.

At this moment, Park Qicai came out and saw the two people hugging each other. The girl saw the ice cream in Quan Xizheng’s hand and asked him how he knew he was coming back today, and also prepared something for himself. She said that she hadn’t seen Quan’s father and Quan’s mother for a long time, so she invited them to dinner together. She also said that she would be very happy if her sister was there, so she hurried to get in the car with Quan Xizheng, otherwise uncle.

Auntie has been waiting for a long time. Quan Xi seemed to be caught in some memories, and he hadn’t recovered for a long time. He followed the girl into the car, and even ignored Park Qicai who was chasing him. Park Qicai was very strange, Cha Yunxian also chased with ice cream, but was knocked over by Park Qicai.

Yang Kong deliberately came to the library to find Lin Yi, wanting to invite her to dinner. Lin Yi coldly rejected him, and said that he had broken up, and there was no need to continue to struggle. However, Yang Kong ignored her words and sent her a message, telling her where to eat. Lin Yi didn’t want to go, but he happened to see Kong Taotao also in the library, so he took the initiative to go forward and told her to press I took time to go to the place Yang Kong said, wanting to show her the true face of Yang Kong, not wanting her to be hurt as much as myself.

After Park Qicai went home, she called Quan Xizheng to ask for more information, but she didn’t expect Quan Xizheng to hang up directly. She couldn’t help but came to Quan Hee Jeong’s house with the reason of returning the clothes, and wanted to ask Quan Hee Jeong to ask. Mother Quan was very happy to see Park Qicai coming, and enthusiastically greeted her to come in and sit down.

After entering the room, Park Qicai saw Quan Hee-jung’s music on the table and felt very sad, so she sat by the piano and wanted to play. Quan Xizheng appeared suddenly, not only interrupted her playing, but also asked her loudly why she wanted to use her piano score and let her go out. Park Qicai was very surprised. Mother Quan came over to comfort her and asked her to tell herself what happened. After learning about the piano score, even Mother Quan was stunned.

Lin Yi came to the coffee shop appointed by Yang Kong as scheduled. She asked Yang Kong what Kong Taotao was to him. Yang Kong only said that he has nothing to do with Kong Taotao, just want her mother to help him stay in school, and who would like the bad temper of the eldest lady. When Kong Taotao heard from the side, he was very angry and rushed out and slapped Yang Kong on the face. Lin Yi saw it and was ready to leave, and persuaded Yang Kong to do it for himself.

Park Qicai kept recalling Quan Xizheng’s piano score, and finally came up with what was lacking in that piece of music and perfected the score. She happily prepared to give it to Quan Xizheng. The company found a new agent for Park Jaegong, who turned out to be the well-known Lin Qianhong in the circle. He instantly felt that his future was promising. Park Qicai took the piano sheet and prepared to make a music box. After running several stores, she finally found a place where she could customize the music box. She took the music box to find Quan Xizheng with joy, but saw him and the girl tightly hugging each other.

This time, she saw the girl’s face clearly. It turned out to be the person she had seen in the photo at Quan Hee Jung’s house before. She understood something at once and was very sad, and ran out of the piano room. Quan Xi was stunned. The girl walked over to him and said that she had been misunderstood by Park Qicai just now and asked him if it was his girlfriend. Quan Xi was looking at the broken music box on the ground, but he never said a word. Park Qicai hid in the corridor alone, crying, and met Wu Xian. From her mouth, Park Qicai learned that Quan Xi had a childhood sweetheart partner.

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