Song Xingchen and Mu Tingxiao

Song Xingchen and Mu Tingxiao (Novel)
Other Name: 宋星辰慕霆潇

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Cloud heart
Year: 2017
Chapter: 1089
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Mu Tingxiao and Song Xingchen. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of Song Xingchen and Mu Tingxiao being caught on the highway by the mistress. He chopped off his hands and hamstrings, dragging him alive. God pityed her to rebirth, and opened her eyes again, she, Song Xingchen, came back to life. The adopted daughter is domineering, destroys her and drives her out of the Song family. The stepmother was arrogant and beat her back to her original form. There is also that male scum. At the age of 20, he built his own business empire, achieved billions of wealth, and reached the pinnacle of life. It’s just the mysterious prince of the Mu family, “It’s cool to abuse the scum, when will I have a baby?”

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The tone was arrogant.

“I will be your alumnus, Ting Xiao, please take care of me in the future.”

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her with his dark pupils, just an indifferent look, without any affection, and ignored her.

It doesn’t matter, the future is long, she will let him remember her, and even fall in love with her.

Just like the previous life.


The lights on the fifth floor of the Song family ancestral house were on.

Uncle Kui, the housekeeper, knocked on the door and entered the room, “Master, the third lady came here tonight. Just now there was a call there, and something went wrong in the banquet hall.”

The old man has not rested yet, he is studying calligraphy and painting, “What happened?”

Uncle Kui told the old man about Yang Ru’s birthday party.

When the old man heard this, he slapped the table and said angrily: “Asshole, this kind of thing happened in the banquet hall, and the Song family’s face is lost. Has it affected the stars?”

Song Xingyue was just an adopted daughter. Fortunately, she was an adopted daughter. She lost her life, but she was too embarrassed by the Song family.

How did Yang Ru raise her daughter? Song Xingyue asked her to send it away before. Instead of sending it away, she had such a big incident.

“No, Xingri and Miss Xingchen are fine, Miss Xingchen is downstairs and was sent over.” Uncle Kui said meaningfully.

The old man heard the overtones in his words: “Who sent it here?”

“It’s the grandson of Emperor Mu’s parents, Mu Tingxiao…I can see clearly, the license plate is correct, and it is his bodyguard who rang the doorbell, Chu Yun.”

The face of the old man’s original violent expression has eased a lot.

He stood up and walked a few steps in the room with joy.

The Mu family is the largest family in the imperial capital for a century.


The old man is more than 70 years old. He has short hair and white sideburns, and his body is fairly strong. When he was young, he worked well in the army, but he didn’t have any serious problems.

It’s just the past two years, I’m probably getting old, with minor problems constantly.

As soon as the stars entered the main hall, his eyes were red, his eyebrows drooping, “Grandpa…”

She seemed to be frightened, her face pale.

The old man looked behind her and found that Mu Tingxiao and Chu Yun did not follow up, a little disappointed. Thinking of Mu Tingxiao’s identity, he didn’t say anything. He asked Xingchen, “What’s the matter?”

The stars were aggrieved and said with tears in their eyes: “Grandpa…”

“Hey, don’t cry well, tell grandpa what happened.”

The old man treated her and Song Xingri well, because Song Xingri had a successful career and won the Queen Award, and the old man preferred Song Xingri more.

He has obvious prejudice against Song Xingyue, and he hasn’t given Song Xingyue a good face since he was a child. Because of the prejudice of the old man, Song Xingyue has often bullied Xingchen.

“My mother bullied me. At the birthday party, the three men my mother found were originally to deal with me.”

If it were before, Xingchen would definitely not dare to speak directly to the old man, one is timid, and the other is the old man doesn’t believe it at all. San Yangru is too prestigious in front of the old man.

Today’s dinner party must have been passed to the old man’s ears, even if Yang Ru wins people’s hearts on weekdays, the old man will not trust her like before.

Sure enough, the old man heard it and looked at the stars with eyes wide open.

Uncle Kui was also shocked.

Xingchen uncovered the shoulders of the dress, his shoulders were covered with scars, and the scars were oozing blood. Although the blood stopped, the injuries were real and shocking.

When the three men tore her clothes, they used brute force, and the tear scars couldn’t be faked.


The old man was so angry that he dropped the teacup to the ground, and the tiles shot everywhere.

“This Yang Ru, dare to treat you like this. She vowed to treat you well before, all she lied to me?”

Stars bowed their heads, tears dripping down one by one, looking aggrieved and pitiful.

“Grandpa, you never believed me. If it was me who had an accident tonight, the rest of my life would be ruined.”

A word made the old man feel guilty about the stars. The child was pitiful since he was a child and was sent to be raised by Song Xu and Yang Ru. He believed in the two, thinking they would treat her well.

Unexpectedly, he was actually negligent.

Yang Ru carried him on his back and did such a nasty thing to the stars.

The old man suffocated his breath and patted his hands heavily on the golden nan wooden table, very upset to himself, because of negligence, she suffered so many years of grievances.

Xingchen glanced at Grandpa’s expression, Grandpa was very angry, in the rage, very good, this is the effect she wants.

Right now, she lowered her head and bit her lips and said, “Grandpa, I don’t want to live there anymore.”

She is still too weak and small, with bronze grades, and can’t beat Yang Ru’s strongest king grade.

The old man was still angry, full of guilt for her, and agreed. “Okay, grandpa depends on you. You can live here in the future. You can live as long as you want. Over there, it won’t pass.”

“Grandpa, there is still another week for the college entrance examination. I am afraid that my mother will let me live in under the name of college entrance examination.”

“You stay here with peace of mind until the college entrance examination is over. Yang Ru does this and wants to take you back. It’s impossible.”

Xingchen’s homework has not been very good. Every exam is counted down. These old men know it.

For so many years, he has been negligent.

“Grandpa will help you find the best teacher in the city, help you with your homework, and get admitted to the best university in city s. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pass the exam, you must be able to enter s.”

With the influence of the Song family in the s city business circle, it is not difficult to enter s.

“Grandpa, no need.”

A week of tutoring didn’t help much. The memories of her life are still there. How did Song Xingyue get her name as a scholar? It wasn’t the exam paper she made and wrote Song Xingyue’s name.

Song Xingyue handed in a blank test paper for her own exam, and she counted down every time.

In this life, she will never be a fool again, let others be bullied, and regain her reputation as a real master.


In the morning, when the sky was light, she was awakened by the noise from downstairs. Stars got up and the maid put her uniform on the bedside table.

She finished washing, put on her uniform and went downstairs.

Before reaching the lobby on the first floor, I heard Yang Ru’s loud voice.

“Father, I have worked hard to raise the stars, and I have never owed her a little bit. It is too late for me to love her, so how could I harm her.”

“Look, I bought these for her. She usually eats and wears the same as stars, moons and stars, and even better than them. It’s hard for mother to make, and it’s even harder for a bowl of water to be smooth. She doesn’t understand me. , Said to leave, and bit back and said that I treated her badly. Ask the housekeeper, what am I doing badly for her?”

“Father, the madam is really good to the third young lady. We all see it in our eyes. We get up before dawn to make breakfast for the young ladies, drive to school personally, and go to pick them home in the afternoon. In aristocratic high schools, there are no parents who personally pick up people. Only the wife does this. The wife still has a position in the company. She is too busy at ordinary times. She is willing to take time to grow up with the young ladies. She treats the young ladies well, so how can it hurt Where’s Miss Three.”

The housekeeper Xu Zao was bought by Yang Ru, and naturally he spoke to Yang Ru.

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