Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 34 Recap

Park Qicai was a little disapproving of Park Jae Woo’s words, and said that if Kwon Hee really transfers his love, then break up. Quan Xizheng didn’t show up for a long time. It turned out that he went to the bar where Cha Yun-hyun was performing by himself, but the two of them missed it. Unexpectedly, Park Qicai completely released herself at the reception. She drank a lot of wine and shouted at the meeting to make Quan Hee come out quickly, and said why he ignored herself.

When she woke up after she woke up and learned of the incident, she was immediately embarrassed and asked Park Jae Yu why she didn’t stop herself. Park Jae Yu was frightened by her behavior and said that he would cheer up in the future. It was too terrible. But fortunately, when Park Qicai was flying, both Quan’s mother and Shen Shien had already left the scene. Suddenly, Park Qicai remembered Cha Yunxian’s performance, so he asked the brothers to go back first, so she wanted to go out.

Cha Yunxian waited for a long time and didn’t wait for Park Qicai to appear. He was a little bit lost, but still did not give up. Fortunately, Park Qicai came, although she repeatedly apologized and said that she was late and blamed herself, but Cha Yunxian was still very happy, and the two decided to work together on a song. As the last listener, Quan Hee was sitting in the audience listening to the music of the two people, remembering the little things he had with Park Qicai.

But soon, he got up and left, but accidentally dropped the love bracelet, luckily it was picked up by Park Qicai. She took back the bracelet and discussed it with He Yuanzhu, saying why Quan Xizheng would go to the bar because of it. Park Qicai guessed that he must have been jealous because he heard Cha Yunxian’s appointment with him, which proves that he still cares about himself.

When He Yuanzhu asked, he knew that Park Qicai concluded that Quan Hee Jung had gone to the bar because of a bracelet. It was a bit too pretentious, but Park Qicai firmly believed that it was Quan Hee Jung’s. He Yuanzhu has nothing to say, except that Park Qicai is in love day by day, falling in love again for a while, falling in love again for a while, not at all free and easy. Park Qi Cai also felt that this was nothing like her own style, so she decided to go to Quan Hee Jung to ask about it.

Quanxi came to the bar to look for the bracelet when he noticed that the bracelet was off. The boss told him that the bar was cleaned by a couple last night, and he hadn’t heard of anything missing. He also told Quan Xizheng that the relationship between the two had not yet been determined. Cha Yunxian was originally going to confess to her last night, but she was late, but the relationship should be determined soon. Park Qicai happily came to Quan Hee Jeong’s house, and when she saw that Shen Shien opened the door, her mood fell to the bottom.

As a hostess, Shen Shien invited Park Qicai into the house to wait for him, making Park Qicai very embarrassed. Park Qicai scanned the surroundings and found that the furniture in the house had changed. Shen Shien said that seeing the furniture uncomfortable, he adjusted the position. Feeling uncomfortable, Park Qicai handed the chain to Shen Shien, and left by herself, but forgot to change his shoes when she went out. Shen Shien took the bracelet and came to Quan Xizheng’s room.

He saw the music box and the scores, and sat by the piano alone and started playing. She quickly realized that it was her sister’s music score, and it had been altered now. She picked up the bracelet and seemed to have other thoughts. Kwon Hee returned home worried and saw Park Qicai’s shoes at a glance. Shen Shien suddenly walked out and said that she dreamed of her sister last night, and dreamed that her sister and Kwon Hee were playing the piano together, and the two of them also played G together.

Minor March and asked Quan Hee Jung to play it to her, but Quan Hee Jung refused. Park Zaiyu suddenly tore down all the photos of Lin Yi in the family , and unilaterally broke the contact with Lin Yi himself. Lin Yi contacted him for a long time. Cha Yunxian unilaterally announced at school that Park Qicai was his girlfriend. Park Qicai passively learned the news and hurried to find Cha Yunxian for theory. Cha Yunxian took advantage of the situation and confessed to Park Qicai in front of his friends. Kwon Hee just saw it and went up to pull Park Qicai and left. Cha Yunxian stopped Quan Xizheng and said that since he didn’t know how to cherish, he would protect Park Qicai well in the future.

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