Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 34

Qian Aotian called the wrong name, Ye Youming praised Qian Yunshang

When Qian Aotian heard Lord Yu say this, he felt a little bit in his heart. While fiddled with the tea bowl in his hand, while pretending to be calm, Qian Aotian came in before Qian Aotian could speak, and Ye Youming hurriedly put away the secret report in his hand. Qian Aotian suddenly missed a word and called out Qian Yunshang’s name, and asked Qian Yunshang to come to visit the two princes.

Ye Youming knowingly asked Qian Aotian to give his daughter the same name? Only then did Qian Aotian realize that he had made a mistake, and deliberately expressed his miss for Qian Yunxi, claiming that the two sisters looked too alike, and for a while, he recognized the wrong person and called Qian Yunxi the wrong name. Ye Youming had long known that Qian Yunxi had married her sister Qian Yunshang’s name, so she deliberately asked.

For fear of being spotted, Qian Yunshang deliberately blamed his father for calling the wrong name, and claimed that Qian Yunxi had visited the prince. Ye Youming did not expose it directly, but deliberately said that Qian Yunxi’s name was too elegant to set off Qianyun. Chang is beautiful, and Yun wants to look beautiful in clothes. She is more in line with Qian Yunshang’s name, so she proposes to let the sisters exchange their names so that Qian Yunxi can get her name back. These words shocked Qian Aotian’s heart even more, suspecting Ye Youming had already known about sister Li Daitao’s stiff, but on the surface, Qian Aotian didn’t dare to say more.

Just as Ye Youming praised Qian Yunshang’s name, Qian Yunxi, who came here, heard him sourly in his heart that Ye Youming was a big pig’s hoof. Seeing Qian Yunxi’s return, Ye Youming went back without leaving Qian Yunxi’s hand. Ye Youming hurriedly bowed to give it away, but Lord Yu looked like he didn’t sit enough, actually because he was going to expose Qian Aotian. The true face, but Ye Youming took his princess away without the matter.

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