Al Cappuccino

Al Cappuccino – 反黑路人甲 –
Other name: Anti-Triad Passerby
Category: Hong Kong Drama 2020
Genre(s): Comedy, Crime
Episode(s): 30 Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
Cast: Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung, David Chiang, Crystal Fung, Kathy Yuen, Samantha Ko

Summary: A murder case caused a big storm in the world. Chinese-American drama idiot Zhang Xilun returned to Hong Kong to look for performance opportunities, and was entrusted by the policeman Gu Xinyi with an important task due to fate, asking him to pretend to be the orphan of the Quadruple Gang. With the assistance of senior undercover undercover Gao Bin, Xi Lun took the post. Later, Xilun extended a helping hand to the underworld leader Su Zhishan and female star Zhuang Mingli many times; the sister Yao Qingshui and three unrelated sisters also circled around Xilun in the evening show. Xilun first wandered the rivers and lakes, and became the best partner with Gao Bin. Together with gold medalist Lu Qiu’s desperate protection, he resolved multiple crises, but he didn’t know that behind the society, there was already a huge conspiracy waiting for him…