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Seol-hee, who wanted to take revenge on Chairman Chung, who took his parents’ company, failed. And the days of being trampled upon.

Lee Hyuk, the son of Chairman Chung and who has the same revenge spirit, begins to approach Seol-hee. With my twin brother Yehyuk.

“I can not say one cub?”
At Lee Hyeok’s voice, Seol-hee opened her eyes without even knowing. He had a strangely relaxed face, not a smile or expressionless.
“Aren’t you saying that it’s a cub who will fall.
Lee Hyuk’s hand unbuckled his pants. His body, thrown off his suit, was in perfect opposition to the ugly. Lee Hyuk’s eyes, staring at Seol-hee, were as black as her hair. The bones and muscles that make up the body seemed to be studied aesthetically by artists.
Lee Hyeok’s eyes looked at the naked Seol-hee. Seolhee was elongated, thin, pale and looked like a coral reef that started to dry out. It was grim, but it was still beautiful. It is easy to see that some places were originally beautiful even when they became ruins. Seol-hee did that.
“It doesn’t matter though.”
After spitting out, Lee Hyuk leaned over Seol-hee. Seol-hee’s lips widened to the touch of her big hand touching her chest with power. However, his grasp and beat were different from that of Chairman Chung. Like the lips that touched the nipples, Lee Hyeok’s hand was soft. He was stubborn, but he did not grasp or crush Seolhee as if he would break or break him. However, Seol-hee couldn’t relieve her mind.
“Beastlike chicks!”
I heard Lee Hyuk laughing in a small way. Seol-hee gathered all the swear words he could and shot them at the head of Lee Hyeok. Meanwhile, Lee Hyeok’s lips and touches stayed here and there. The chest, clavicle, waist, thigh, and belly button were carefully chewed and stroked, and the hips were held.
“The beast will lick you here.”
The voice pouring under the belly button made Seol-hee’s heart awake.

Associated Names: 매듭
Gowon Hee
Genres: romance
Year: Aug. 2020
Status: N/A

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