Prasat Ta Meun Thom (Ta Meun Thom Castle)

Kneeling Elephant (ปราสาทตาเมือนธม)

It is located at Ban Nong Khanna, Tambon Tamyeong, Amphoe Phanom Dong Rak, Surin Province in Thailand. Archaeological site is a large archaeological site. Built during Hinduism Shai sect Which revered Lord Shiva as the highest deity Is an archaeological site in the period of sin. About the 17th century Buddhist age (1560-1630 BC), this castle is a castle consisting of many buildings as follows:

The main castle is made of sandstone. There is a rectangular plan facing south. The top or roof layer collapsed. Inside there is important evidence that the lingam is extracted from natural stone and with formula ginseng pipe or holy water drain.

  • From the worship of Siwalung Continue from the president’s castle to the crooked balcony East side.
  • Prasat Viharn 2 built with sandstone located in the northeast and north side of the main castle.
  • Archanalai 2 buildings built with laterite Located in the southeast And southwest of the president castle
  • The sandstone balcony surrounds the aforementioned buildings. Has a square diagram There are arch gates (Gopura) on all four sides. Following the south arch gate, there are stairs to go up. Built of laterite
  • The pool is outside the north building Made of literate.

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