Yunxing in Sichuan

Yunxing in Sichuan
Other names: 云兴在川
Author:  Li Yunhe
Genre: Novel, History
Release: 2020
Status: Ongoing


“Yun Xing Zai Chuan” was written by the network writer Li Yunhe, and finally ushered in a wonderful finale. What will be the ending of the two protagonists Lu Yao and Feng Xi? Whether it is sadness or joy or happiness, these suspenses will be revealed for you in the wonderful ending content of this chapter. After Feng Xi has learned it, he has no intention of official career, travels abroad, by chance, or because he is lost, he meets someone who goes out to do errands. Helian Owl was then abducted to Chongwu Mountain by rhetoric and became the King of the Mountain. Persuade the wind


Chapter 0 (xing in Sichuan)