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Renascence (2020)

“Fengmai Jiutian”, which tells the step by step eradication of Yao Moxin after rebirth All obstacles that stand in front of her will eventually have to take revenge. Empress Yao Moxin and her baby were killed by the emperor Ye Hongyi. In order to avenge the family, Mo Xin’s twin sister Yao Mowan entered the palace again. When he first entered the palace, Yao Mowan took precautions, gradually splitting the four forces behind the four imperial concubines, and gradually isolating Ye Hongyi and shaking the foundation of Chu.

In order to get revenge, Yao Mowan has met infatuated and hopeless characters such as Feng Yihan, Yan Nansheng, Han Jinyi, and Qi Canglan, and owed countless love debts. In the meantime, Yao Mowan categorically told herself that he couldn’t think differently for men other than Ye Junqing. Yao Mowan learned of the restrictions of the eight countries in the Central Plains and rushed to the other seven countries, hoping to get the support of more than four countries except Chu.

In the end, Yao Mowan finally won half of the support for Ye Junqing with his wit and tact. Yao Mowan finally fulfilled her promise, avenged the blood and deep revenge, and returned her beloved Ye Junqing to the beautiful rivers and mountains. How did Ye Junqing hide from Yao Mowan’s abdication and let him be a virtuous person, but he took Yao Mowan to a beautiful place and opened an inn. Mo Wan felt that plain is blessing.

This is an ancient court drama. Doing everything for the black-bellied emperor, he came to an end with the sorrow of killing the donkey, and accompanied his son to his life. Reborn as a human, she seemed stupid, but met the gods to kill the gods, met the Buddha and killed the Buddha, pretended to be a pig and eat a tiger! Except for the vicious mother, butchered the freak sister, frightened the ruthless father, and angered the black emperor. I can finally leave freely, but there are a bunch of infatuated and beautiful men behind, how can I get rid of so many tails! When I wanted to read this novel back then, but I was so fascinated by Han Jinyi that it was completely the story of the ancient version of the overbearing thieves falling in love with me. I don’t know this time? How would the little brother Yan Zidong interpret it?

Renascence (2020)
Also known as: 凤唳九天, Feng Li Jiu Tian , Phoenix Day , Phoenix Humming in the Sky , The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven, Nine Heavens of Fengmao, Fengmai Jiutian
Country: China Mainland
Episodes: 36
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Director: Liu Hai Bo, Shen Yang
Writer: Qiu Xing
Air Date: Sep 22, 2020 – Oct 15, 2020
Networks: iQiyi, Mango TV, Mango TV
Starring: Chen Zhe Yuan, Li Mo Zhi, Johnny Zhang, Eva Cheng, Kevin Yan, Natalie Zhang

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