Diversity Plot

Renascence Episode 1-5

Episode 1
In the Dachu Palace, Empress Yao Moxin had a quarrel with Emperor Ye Hongyi due to the ambiguous relationship with Prince Su, Ye Junqing, and was confined to the harem during pregnancy. Eunuch chief An Bingshan was ordered by the emperor to send a bowl of antifetal medicine. Yao Moxin drank the medicine but became embarrassed and bloody. Suddenly the worm on Yao Moxin crawled into the body of his younger sister Yao Mowan, giving Yao Mowan the consciousness and memory of Yao Moxin. Yao Mowan woke up and found that the surroundings were strange. Not far away, Prince Su Ye Junqing was riding a horse and rushing to recall him back to Beijing. He suddenly heard a call for help and immediately drove the horse forward. Yao Mowan was forced by the robbers to a cliff with nowhere to retreat. At the moment of his death, Ye Junqing appeared and helped, and the two fell into the valley together.

Episode 2
While Ye Junqing was half awake, Yao Mowan grabbed the jade pendant on his body as a medical reward and gave it to the barefoot doctor. The doctor took the jade pendant and was about to go to the city, but was met by the assassin and led the way to Orion’s house under pressure. The two returned, surrounded by a group of top killers, Ye Junqing fell into a bitter battle. Just when the two fell into a deadlock, Ben Lei, his subordinate who had been pursuing Ye Junqing’s trail, rushed to solve the crisis in time and drag them back to the secular world and temple disputes in the capital. Ye Junqing returned to the palace, and Ye Hongyi appointed him to be in charge of the safety precautions for the autumn hunt, and revealed to him the news that Yao Moxin was not awake, so as to test his mind. Ye Junqing was very sad when he heard the news, but he could only hold back his concerns. Ye Junqing meets again with Concubine Wang Qinruo. She is Ye Junqing’s cousin. She has admired him since childhood, but only hears that he cares about Yao Mo’s heartache, why he was hurt, and everything he thinks is Yao Mo. heart.

Episode 3
Yao Mowan had a temperament and put up a sign at the gate of the palace to tell the people who came and went, adding fuel and jealousy to portray Ye Junqing as a heartbroken lover. Gradually, there were more and more unidentified audiences supporting Yao Mowan, and Ye Junqing was so overwhelmed that he had to invite her back to the house with a good voice. The next day, Ye Junqing went out autumn hunting in a uniform. Yao Mowan was turned away and dressed as a soldier, and followed him to the hunting ground. Ye Junqing and Ye Hongyi are in love with the scene, recalling that the two brothers fell in love with Yao Moxin together, and finally Ye Hongyi embraced the beauty and Ye Junqing’s adult beauty. Yao Mowan heard this conversation really, and felt unhappy. When the hunting began, a group of black-clothed assassins came out and attacked Ye Hongyi. Ye Junqing rescued him in time, but the two were still slightly injured. When everyone was arguing, Yao Mowan was arrested as a spy for exposing her deeds and sent to everyone. Under the struggle, Yao Mowan’s helmet dropped, and the green silk was like a waterfall, exposing her daughter’s body.

Episode 4
To search for clues about the queen’s poisoning, Ye Hongyi went to prison and tortured a group of criminal servants. He learned that one of the eunuchs had left the medicine furnace during the decoction, and the suspect circle could not be locked, and the case fell into a stalemate. The streets were very lively. Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan discovered that there was a crowd of onlookers ahead. It turned out that it was a warlock performing tricks and tricks with children. Yao Mowan was angry but couldn’t help being nosy, and quickly exposed that through a few doubts. The trick of the famous quack warlock tried to save the child but got into trouble. Seeing that the conspiracy was revealed, the bully accomplices hidden in the crowd chased the two men. The two fists are hard to beat with four hands. Ye Junqing took advantage of the chaos to take Yao Mowan away and climbed to the top of the lamp tower to hide his trail.

Episode 5
Mo Li talked to Yao Mowan’s mother and daughter, telling their previous experiences. Yao Mowan was able to get to know the family relationship of the Yao family: his father Yao Zhenting was the prime minister, his mother Li Li was the concubine of the second room, the wife of the main house was the daughter of the great Chu family, Dou Xianglan, and her daughter Yao Suluan was a genuine concubine, as she had regarded him as if The rival of Yao Moxin is his elder sister of the same father and mother. In front of the concubines, Ye Hongyi unintentionally revealed that the attendants in the jail had some clues to test them. The concubines reacted as usual on the surface, but they reacted differently. The next day, Ye Hongyi and Yao Suluan returned to the door and met again with Yao Mowan. Ye Hongyi was surprised to learn that she was originally Yao Moxin’s sister.

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