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Renascence Episode 11-15

Episode 11
Yao Mowan continued to track down the whereabouts of her sister’s body, and determined that Ye Hongyi should be attacked, so she quietly followed him to a secret room and discovered a great secret. It turned out that Yao Moxin was not dead. She fell into a coma but the medicine was ineffective, so Ye Hongyi secretly found a witch doctor and placed it in the crystal ice coffin to give her body nourishment and keep her from decayed. At the moment when he saw Yao Moxin’s body, all his memories struck like a mountain, and Yao Mowan finally recovered his memories. It turns out that the truth is that Ye Hongyi suspected that Long Si was not right at the time. He gave a bowl of increased dose of abortion pills to make her weak and unable to participate in political affairs after the fetus. Unexpectedly, she was caught by her sister Yao Suluan in the middle. Concubine Shu Wang Qinruo sent people to add two kinds of poisons separately, and the effects of several kinds of medicines complemented each other to create the misfortune of Yao Moxin.

Episode 12
Ye Hongyi assigns Ye Junqing to escort Concubine Yao into the palace and receive a salute. On the day of the wedding, Yao Mowan was unexpectedly taken away by a gang of gangsters. Ye Junqing and Han Jinyi hurried to save people, but they didn’t know where they were. They guessed that this was the clue left by Yao Mowan through the spices scattered on the ground. It turned out that when Yao Mowan was taken abducted, he secretly tossed the spices he carried along the way. Ye Junqing and Han Jinyi tracked down, rescuing her at the last minute like a divine soldier, and rescued her again.

Episode 13
Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan went home together, and the scandal that the concubine was abducted and violent by the gangsters caused the harem to look sideways. Through the clues left by the gangster’s body, the dark guard found that the real murderer behind the scenes faintly pointed to Yao Suluan and the Dou family behind them. Ye Hongyi was furious with Shiwei Yao Suluan, punished her with a foot restraint, and deprived Dou Xianglan of her fate, imposing punishment, and at the same time rehabilitated Yao Mowan with love and pity. When Yao Mowan returned to Guanju Palace, she found that someone was stalking herself and hurried into a room trying to catch her, but accidentally ran into the concubine Huan Cai’er who was having a tryst with Huangfu, the guard of Ouchi.

The concubine’s adultery might lead to murder, and Huangfu drew his sword and thought about ending the troubles. Yao Mowan immediately calmed down and said that he had already learned about her and Huangfu childhood sweethearts, and her sincere words made Huan Cai’er believe her. Tingyue was curious about her master’s supernatural powers, but Yao Mowan knew that this was due to her previous experience. It turned out that when she was still Yao Moxin, she had a close relationship with Huan Cai’er. She already knew that she had a lover, but In order for the family to marry Ye Hongyi, Ye Hongyi also needs the support of his father, General Huanheng, and the two become contracted couples who each get what they need.

Episode 14
Ye Junqing participated in the palace banquet to drank his sorrows and drank the tincture. He was left behind by Ye Hongyi and ordered An Bingshan to arrange him to have a nap in the palace. The concubines gathered together, and the maid overturned the tea on Yao Mowan. Huan Cai’er offered to take her to a nearby hall to change her clothes, but Yao Mowan did not defend her and followed her. Yao Mowan just took off her skirt, Ye Junqing walked out drunk. Neither of them expected to meet in this situation. Yao Mowan knew it, remembering that he had built a secret tunnel in the palace before, and found it from memory to make Ye Junqing escape, and then cruelly knocked himself out with a stick.

Episode 15
Ye Junqing’s former subordinates came to ask for help, and a group of cinnabar and saltpeter used to refine black powder in the army disappeared. Ye Junqing went into the palace and found An Bingshan secretly, and he smelled saltpeter gunpowder on him, so taking advantage of the opportunity of talking with him, he put a spirit insect borrowed from Princess Hanyue on him. Yin Xue reported that An Bingshan had frequent secret meetings with Yao Suluan recently. Yao Mowan thought that Yao Suluan was able to attack and convict him, and An Bingshan would be indispensable behind it. It is not difficult to destroy Dou Xianglan, but the difficulty is to ingrain the deep-rooted Dou family. One clan was eradicated, so as long as they tried to get An Bingshan down, that would surely be able to dig out Dou’s crime.

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