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Renascence Episode 6-10

Episode 6
In the Queen’s Palace, Ye Hongyi withdrew everyone, holding Yao Mo heart and heart broken, and found that there was some powder left on the side of her nose. The dark guard presented the murder suspicion previously captured, and it was a maidservant of a noble man. The maid revealed that he was poisoned by the noble man because she hated the queen. After interrogation and confrontation, the nobleman could not bear the penalty and confessed. The next day, Ye Hongyi called the Queen of the World to hold a funeral. Upon hearing the news of the queen’s death, envoys from various countries showed up to worship. Approaching the funeral of the queen, Princess Hanyue of the Southern Territory, together with her niece Duan Tingting, and the lord of the Ten Thousand Emperors City, Han Jinyi and other envoys from various countries arrived in Da Chu. Ye Junqing and Yao Mowan entertained the crowd, and the relationship between them changed again, forming a complicated situation.

Episode 7
Above the hall, Ye Hongyi threw down a paper of rebellious documents. Ye Junqing was shocked to find that the handwriting was almost fake. The content of the document was that the Kingdom of Chu would alliance with him to help him seize the throne of Chu, and he would give it to him afterwards. Da Chu. There are both human and physical evidence, and Ye Junqing can’t argue with him, and is imprisoned. The public trial was just around the corner. In order to save Ye Junqing, Yao Mowan asked Han Jinyi to sneak into Dali Temple to get a copy of the document, but she abandoned her dignity and went to Wang Qinruo to unite, begging her to seek common ground while shelving differences. Wang Qinruo used his father’s relationship with Prince Dun to help Yao Mowan enter the death row.

Episode 8
Yao Mowan explained that she spent a lot of money last night to ask someone to engrave a seal to imitate the forgery of handwriting. You can have as many such things as you want, and you must not be convicted on this basis. Immediately afterwards, he took out Ye Junqing’s daily documents and contrasted the handwriting of the rebellious document. Through the interlacing and staggering of the fonts and the writing style, it proved that the rebellious document was a forgery. Ye Junqing was finally released, but Yao Mowan fainted due to lack of physical strength. Ye Junqing was anxious, hugged her and left, taking care of her in unresolved clothes before the hospital bed. Yao Mowan was invited to Hanyue’s residence, but was blocked by Duan Tingting outside the door to make things difficult. The two had a quarrel, and Princess Hanyue interrupted in due course. While Yao Mowan was diagnosing her condition, Princess Hanyue secretly observed and found that her gestures carried Yao Moxin’s shadow.

Episode 9
Han Jinyi came to visit, Yao Mowan secretly listened to the conversation between the two outside the door, and heard that Han Jinyi had said that he had previously explained the investigation of the Dou family’s party and private affairs, and secretly remembered it. Just listening to Han Jinyi reminded Ye Junqing to be careful of Ye Hongyi’s selfish revenge. After all, he was able to ascend to the throne only a step away. If it weren’t for “that night” with Yao Moxin, he might have changed hands now. Yao Mowan quietly told Han Jinyi the truth about Yao Moxin’s death, but now all the fire clues are gone. Han Jinyi informed Dali Temple that there would be an archive of imprisonment, and promised to discover clues. The two rushed to the Dali Temple immediately, but were refused by the Dali Temple Secretary that the place of justice is not the emperor’s official order not to enter. Han Jinyi took the opportunity to steal the key, and calculated the time interval for the guards to patrol, sneaked in with Yao Mowan and opened the door to the prison. From this, Yao Mowan found out that the attendants who interfered in the incident were all imprisoned in the jail, but only the names of three people were missing.

Episode 10
After entering the jail, Yao Mowan made another trick and asked these attendants one by one, and gradually pieced together the timeline of all those who entered and exited Yao Mo’s Heart Palace that day. Ye Junqing enters the palace and asks Ye Hongyi to pardon Yao Mowan from trespassing into the jail for a while. Wang Qinruo was full of jealousy when he saw Ye Junqing actually put down his body. Ye Hongyi knew that Yao Mowan was 80% for investigating the case, and secretly accused her of acting impulsively without asking for instructions, pretending to push the boat along the river to sell Ye Junqing a favor. Yao Suluan didn’t expect that Ye Hongyi would not hesitate to break the rules and become even more jealous. It turned out that Yao Moxin was not dead. She fell into a coma but the medicine was ineffective, so Ye Hongyi secretly found a witch doctor and placed it in the crystal ice coffin to give her body nourishment and keep her from decayed.

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