Spicy Wife’s Reborn World

Rebirth space: rich and spicy wives are not easy to provoke
Other names: 重生空间:大小姐不好惹, 重生空间:豪门辣妻不好惹, Space for rebirth: a spoiled wife, 重生空间:豪门辣妻不好惹, Istri Reinkarnasi Presdir yang Galak, Rebirth: The Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband, Spicy Wife’s Reborn World, Space for rebirth: a spoiled wife, 重生空间:豪门辣妻不好惹, Istri Reinkarnasi Presdir yang Galak, Rebirth: The Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband
Author: Xu Nuannuan
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: Chapter 1254 Finale
Male Lead: Bo Qingang (Qingang, ang, or gang)
Female Lead: Lin Su’er (Xiao Su’er)


She, the descendant of the ghost doctor, died in an explosion, and was reborn as a silly girl in the third year of high school. Say she is stupid? Bah, alchemy medicine is so easy to frighten you that you dare not put a fart! Laughing whether her father loves his mother or not? Oh, you can pierce the scum girl stepmother with a heartbreak! In the first rebirth, Lin Su’er only wanted to beat the scumbag and abuse the scumbag to live a chic and unrestrained life, but it was unexpected that she provokes the most noble man in the entire China. When she accidentally ate the man’s tofu, she wanted to run, but was grabbed back by the man if she didn’t want to. “Little girl, you will be responsible if you eat it. I want me to teach you this?”

Father of Twin: Xiao Shuo

Twin: Older Sister – Lin Su’er (Xiao Su’er), Younger Brother – Qin Yuhan (Xiao Yuhan)

Five Years Separate (misunderstanding) + Five Years Separate (After fire incident) + Three Years (Bo Qinggang Dead by cold cough poisoning) before survive.


Chapter 1 Reborn a fool?
Chapter 2 Who Are You
Chapter 3 The Poisoned Man
Chapter 4 Why not continue?
Chapter 5 Is it because of her?
Chapter 6 Space
Chapter 7 Engagement Banquet
Chapter 8 Who said I want to be engaged to you?
Chapter 9 Because I Can’t See You
Chapter 10 Photos
Chapter 11 The Uninvited Man
Chapter 12 The Legendary Bo Shao
Chapter 13 Do You Know Me?
Chapter 14 I’m That Man
Chapter 15 Useless Things
Chapter 16 Our relationship still needs misunderstanding?
Chapter 17 What is your relationship
Chapter 18 The Antidote for Walking
Chapter 19 Su’er is a little different
Chapter 20 I’m Allergic to Seafood
Chapter 21 You must pay the price!
Chapter 22 The Pulse Condition of Kidney Deficiency
Chapter 23 Give you a 20% discount
Chapter 24 You sent those photos, right?
Chapter 25 Bet
Chapter 26 Are You Seeing Kidney Deficiency?
Chapter 27 Let me show you some colors
Chapter 28 How Do You Know I’m Poisonous in My Body
Chapter 29 Are you willing to any method
Chapter 30 Who Said I’m Not Responsible
Chapter 777 Second refusal
Chapter 778 Introducer
Chapter 779 Sky-high price
Chapter 780 Eight-level pill
Chapter 781 Hua Tuo is alive
Chapter 782 One Nine Divided
Chapter 783 Ouyang Pharmaceutical
Chapter 784 Hot search
Chapter 785 Again
Chapter 786 Question on the spot
Chapter 787 Pregnant Manhua Ch217
Chapter 788 He does not love you
Chapter 789 The eldest sister is like a mother
Chapter 790 Hooked
Chapter 791 Confrontation
Chapter 792 Landmine
Chapter 793 rescue
Chapter 794 Worry
Chapter 795 induction
Chapter 796 Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 797 Dream connected
Chapter 798 Iyumen Maru
Chapter 799 In a dream
Chapter 800 Active contact
Chapter 801 You are my daughter
Chapter 802 Folklorist
Chapter 803 wake up
Chapter 804 Fast recovery
Chapter 805 Find clues
Chapter 806 Something is wrong
Chapter 807 Discharged
Chapter 808 Fans verify
Chapter 809 Hot search again
Chapter 810 Get out
Chapter 811 How will it end
Chapter 812 Unmarried couple
Chapter 813 Be broken up
Chapter 814 Change attitude
Chapter 815 Romantic atmosphere
Chapter 816 an examination
Chapter 817 Accidents in life
Chapter 818 Malnutrition
Chapter 819 Ordered abortion
Chapter 820 Weak self-esteem
Chapter 821 Not allowed to go out
Chapter 822 Leaving Ang’s home
Chapter 823 Kidnapped
Chapter 824 Murderous
Chapter 825 Blood Gu
Chapter 826 Madman of love
Chapter 827 Hospital explosion
Chapter 828 funeral
Chapter 829 Leave sadly
Chapter 830 disappear
Chapter 831 Return (5 Years Later)
Chapter 832 The world’s first hacker
Chapter 833 Meet by chance
Chapter 834 The purpose of coming back
Chapter 835 miss
Chapter 836 Escape from kindergarten
Chapter 837 Clinic report
Chapter 838 Father and son meet
Chapter 839 Interview
Chapter 840 Missing
Chapter 841 Bastard
Chapter 842 Reunion
Chapter 843 It is similar
Chapter 844 Tells the past
Chapter 845 Campus bullying
Chapter 846 Good impression
Chapter 847 Price has a problem
Chapter 848 The first patient
Chapter 849 Chapter making cakes by hand
Chapter 850 The kind side
Chapter 851 tidy
Chapter 851 Clean up
Chapter 852 Girlfriends
Chapter 853 Trouble coming to the door
Chapter 854 Rogue
Chapter 855 Divorce
Chapter 856 The sad housewife
Chapter 857 Stay as an accountant
Chapter 858 Check the accounts
Chapter 859 Free babysitter
Chapter 860 Randomly edited video
Chapter 861 Missing people appear
Chapter 862 Come to discuss the argument
Chapter 863 Live vent
Chapter 864 Meet again
Chapter 865 Alienation and resistance
Chapter 866 Hacker K’s counterattack
Chapter 867 Misunderstanding relationship
Chapter 868 Network confession
Chapter 869 Already in Together
Chapter 870 Come home again
Chapter 871 Recover
Chapter 872 Complete reversal
Chapter 873 Lead misunderstanding again
Chapter 874 Turn over
Chapter 875 Change minds
Chapter 876 Excavate black material
Chapter 877 Genius
Chapter 878 Unmarried first pregnancy
Chapter 879 Chapter Misbehaving
Chapter 880 Apology
Chapter 881 It’s been a long time since I saw you
Chapter 882 Not single
Chapter 883 Go straight to the door
Chapter 884 The existence of children
Chapter 885 Father
Chapter 886 Re-investigation
Chapter 887 Heart reading
Chapter 888 Basketball game
Chapter 889 Rare Compliment
Chapter 890 Accelerated aging
Chapter 891 perish together
Chapter 892 Pull the hook
Chapter 893 Sudden Condition
Chapter 894 Strange patient
Chapter 895 old classmate
Chapter 896 Make up time
Chapter 897 Deliberately ambiguous
Chapter 898 Suitors
Chapter 899 encourage
Chapter 900 Different flowers
Chapter 901 I do not mind
Chapter 902 Affectionate confession
Chapter 903 RH negative blood
Chapter 904 Panic
Chapter 905 Guilt
Chapter 906 charity fund
Chapter 907 Seeing is not necessarily believing
Chapter 908 Handling medicinal materials
Chapter 909 One year
Chapter 910 Heishui Street
Chapter 911 guarantor
Chapter 912 Dead body
Chapter 913 Thread disconnection
Chapter 914 Missing persons
Chapter 915 investigation
Chapter 916 Change
Chapter 917 Girl back view
Chapter 918 Best test subject
Chapter 919 Oral medicine
Chapter 920 I will be responsible
Chapter 921 Acknowledgment Mother
Chapter 922 Special Faces
Chapter 923 Weekend Agreement
Chapter 924 More Fierce Offensive
Chapter 925 Pursuit is My Business
Chapter 926 Charity Society
Chapter 927 Nightmare
Chapter 928 Parent-child Games
Chapter 929 Chapter Private Birth
Chapter 930 Single mother
Chapter 931 I’m jealous
Chapter 932 Seduce
Chapter 933 Self-respect
Chapter 934 Ice cold poison relapses
Chapter 935 Dizzy pupils
Chapter 936 You can’t do it
Chapter 937 It’s mean
Chapter 938 It’s strange The old man
Chapter 939 Mengbao is missing
Chapter 940 Chapter Dreaming Again
Chapter 941 Power Outage
Chapter 942 Self-directed and self-acted
Chapter 943 The Identity of Hacker K (Xiao Suer and Bo Qinggang Child)
Chapter 944 Doesn’t Like You
Chapter 945 Mother and Son Reconciliation
Chapter 946 Promise
Chapter 947 Dreaming again
Chapter 948 Low-Level Mistakes
Chapter 949 Self-harm
Chapter 950 Dark Psychology
Chapter 951 Overlaps with Dreamland

Chapter 1161 layout
Chapter 1162 Kidnapping
Chapter 1163 have photos
Chapter 1164 Deadly Instrument
Chapter 1165 Arrived in Time
Chapter 1166 The Gate of Time and Space
Chapter 1167 Miss Prime Minister
Chapter 1168 Displacement Replacement
Chapter 1169 Becoming a Cultivator
Chapter 1170 Gambling Agreement
Chapter 1171 Reunion
Chapter 1172 Ability Test
Chapter 1173 Taunting
Chapter 1174 Yellow Ability
Chapter 1175 Five Flowers Blooming
Chapter 1176 Black and White Vision
Chapter 1177 Ultimate Ability
Chapter 1178 Fulfilling the Gambling Agreement
Chapter 1179 Three Pigs Calling
Chapter 1180 Another World Forest
Chapter 1181 Intimacy
Chapter 1182 Talking Foreign Spirit Grass
Chapter 1183 Grass Essence
Chapter 1184 Pillow Wind
Chapter 1185 Martial arts
Chapter 1186 Witness
Chapter 1187 New Leaves of Spirit Grass
Chapter 1188 beggar
Chapter 1189 Husband-in-law candidate
Chapter 1190 Competition
Chapter 1191 Trick
Chapter 1192 Cut off the tongue
Chapter 1193 Change of Identity
Chapter 1194 Breakthrough
Chapter 1195 Dragon Formation
Chapter 1196 Pee pants
Chapter 1197 End of the match
Chapter 1198 Identity origin
Chapter 1199 No father loves no mother love
Chapter 1200 New plan
Chapter 1201 Something is wrong
Chapter 1202 Ecstasy
Chapter 1203 Superstition
Chapter 1204 Sweetheart
Chapter 1205 Official prostitute
Chapter 1206 Alchemy Conference
Chapter 1207 Intermediate elixirs
Chapter 1208 Soul-returning pill
Chapter 1209 Seven layers of purity
Chapter 1210 Take the antidote ahead of time
Chapter 1211 Hurt others and end up hurting oneself
Chapter 1212 Vicious scheme
Chapter 1213 Seeking the blood of the beast
Chapter 1214 Into the mountains
Chapter 1215 Suspension Grass
Chapter 1216 Get married
Chapter 1217 Gift marriage
Chapter 1218 happiness
Chapter 1219 Big wedding
Chapter 1220 Congratulations
Chapter 1221 Self-sufficient
Chapter 1222 retribution
Chapter 1223 Reveal identity
Chapter 1224 Took the exam
Chapter 1225 Successfully passed
Chapter 1226 Jealous
Chapter 1227 Shocked discovery
Chapter 1228 Speak out
Chapter 1229 Show up
Chapter 1230 Pretending
Chapter 1231 signal
Chapter 1232 Catch the turtle in the urn
Chapter 1233 design (Three days later)
Chapter 1234 Will count
Chapter 1235 Master of the body
Chapter 1236 reason
Chapter 1237 For help
Chapter 1238 Growing place
Chapter 1239 Time is running out
Chapter 1240 Travel home
Chapter 1241 curious
Chapter 1242 Life after life
Chapter 1243 Make up for regrets
Chapter 1244 The sixth fruit
Chapter 1245 Fake fruit
Chapter 1246 See through the lie
Chapter 1247 Confess the last words
Chapter 1248 Antidote
Chapter 1249 The overall situation is set
Chapter 1250 Just for this life
Chapter 1251 wait
Chapter 1252 Frozen Corpse
Chapter 1253 Envy (Three years later)
Chapter 1254 Finale