First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Episode 17 Recap

On New Year’s Eve, Xiong Yifan kept on reminiscing about the kiss that seemed like nothing, and a text message from Yan Ke could make her sleepless. After waiting for a long time, she was disappointed to sleep. As a result, listening to Yan Ke’s goodnight voice snicker the next day, repeating it over and over again, I couldn’t hear enough.

Xiong Yifan’s father was concentrating on slicing vegetables. He suddenly heard his daughter asking the boy about stealing the kiss from the girl. He panicked for a while and accidentally cut his finger. As a father, what I hope most is that his daughter can find a good home, but what is most worried about is that the daughter finds a boyfriend.

Xiong Yifan looked at the invitation text message sent by Yan Ke. Unfortunately, facing his father who was injured and unable to work in the bakery, he had to accept his fate to help in the shop and push away the date he wanted. It happened that Yan Ke was also tied up by his mother and could not get out.

At the same time, Tang Tang has gone abroad for interviews, and if it goes well, he can stay abroad and work. Bai Yuze has also gotten in the car rushing to Xiong Yifan’s hometown. This time he seems to be serious, and wants to work hard for the people he likes and give his heart.

After Bai Yuze arrived at the destination, he was embarrassed because he did not bring cash in the supermarket. He happened to meet Ding Ming, who was also shopping here. Bai Yuze got a chance to talk for a long time on the grounds of a dinner, and managed to get the address of Xiong Yifan’s bakery from the other party.

The moment Xiong Yifan saw Bai Yuze, she almost dropped her chin. She was afraid that her father would misunderstand him, so Bai Yuze took the handle and “coerced” her to be her own tour guide for the day. Xiong Yifan’s father saw his daughter and a boy leaving, and immediately chased him with a rolling pin. Obviously, he was not ready for his daughter to fall in love.

Xiong Yifan and Bai Yuze were eating, drinking, and having fun on the street. The photos they took were shared on the Internet, and they were immediately seen by Yan Ke, who could not go out. When Yan’s mother was carrying a large box of facial masks and complaining about her son’s lack of help, Yan Ke’s inspiration suddenly flashed.

Xiong Yifan, who was eating, suddenly received a call from Yan Ke and was delighted, but the other party was looking for Bai Yuze, which made her feel amazing. When Bai Yuze received Yan Ke’s invitation to be a guest at his home, he naturally readily agreed and should take Xiong Yifan with him.

The result was that the three people tried a facial mask for Yan Ke’s mother together. Yan Ke, who was careful, chose a longer-term facial mask for Bai Yuze. As a result, he could only lie on the sofa and enjoy the facial mask.

During the meal, I could see that Yan Ke’s mother was very happy. In the past, she had always been afraid that Yan Ke was too introverted and had no friends. Now it is naturally happy that some classmates come to visit the house. As for Xiong Yifan, Yan Mu couldn’t help expressing her likes, and hoped that she would come to play more at home.

One day passed quickly, and Bai Yuze, who had just come here under the pretext of gathering wind, had to go back by car. The three separated at the station. Bai Yuze looked back at the talking and laughing Xiong Yifan and Yan Ke walking away, perhaps he already had an answer in his heart.

Tang Tang had no talent for playing the piano since he was a child. Only when he played the piano with Yan Ke, he could play a normal level. Tang Tang deliberately concealed his job rejection, deceived Yan Ke’s help, and let him play the piano with him all day. This is Tang Tang’s favorite time and her most greedy past.

When Yan Ke happened to find that rejection letter, Tang Tang only wanted to keep the Yan Ke she wanted to catch, and hugged him tightly, for fear that the person in front of him would immediately run away. And this scene was also seen by Xiong Yifan who came to look for Yan Ke.

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