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Love Is Sweet

Jiang Jun suffered from tears allergies since she was a child. She and her neighbor Yuan Shuai are childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Since Xiao Jiang Jun has been protected by the strong and domineering Yuan Shuai. In fact, Yuan Shuai has been secretly in love with Jiang Jun, but in high school, because of the jealous misunderstanding of Yuan Shuai, the two parted ways. Many years later, Yuan Shuai has become the vice president of MH Investment Banking Corporation, and Jiang Jun has also become an employee of the company by mistake.

Yuan Shuai did not like the kind-hearted and innocent Jiang Jun to work in a fraudulent investment bank company. In order to protect her, the initial plan was to drive her away, causing Jiang Jun to be dissatisfied with Yuan Shuai by mistake. In this way, Jiang Jun became Yuan Shuai’s subordinate. He was bullied by the overbearing and cold-blooded Yuan Shuai every day and became his neighbor under Yuan Shuai’s design. Just when Jiang Jun misunderstood that Yuan Shuai was the Great Demon King, in a work crisis, Yuan Shuai spared no effort to defend her, and Jiang Jun also saw Yuan Shuai’s shortcomings. Later, Jiang Jun discovered the love letters that Yuan Shuai’s collection had written to her, and then he knew that he had liked her a long time ago. In the end, Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai fell in love, and they started a silly office romance.

Love Is Sweet
Alternative name: Ban shi tian mi ban shi shang (半是蜜糖半是伤) , Half honey and half hurt
Qi Zi (棋子)
Publication Date:
May 2013
Page (Chapter):

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One night after the first chapter

Beijing time at 8 am, the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened.

The TV set is turned on regularly, and the news anchor uses a clear voice to report a series of financial indicators without emotion.

The bed was in a mess, Jiang Jun struggled to get out of the bed, sat up with his eyes closed, his hair disheveled.

Five minutes later, the alarm clock began to ring.

Jiang Jun rubbed his eyes, opened the quilt, and ran into the bathroom barefoot.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Jun, dressed in a celebrity skirt, ponytail, and facing the sky, walked out of the elevator carrying a baby crocodile leather handbag.

The waitress in the coffee shop downstairs prepared her breakfast according to the old rules. Jiang Jun smiled at her, took the paper bag and stuffed it into the bag, and strode towards the underground garage exit.

Yuan Shuai’s car was already waiting there, frowning and talking on the phone. He seemed to have not slept well last night, and his voice was angry. Seeing Jun Jiang was coming, he yawned and leaned over to open the door next to the passenger seat, and then turned down the sun visor.

Jiang Jun has long been accustomed to Yuan Shuai’s quirk of having a conference call early in the morning. Even if the words often involve GT’s internal secrets, he does not mean to avoid it at all. In fact, it’s just a bit of trouble going back and forth in the investment bank. It’s just that the company name is different and the protagonist changes his name.

Even if they are discussing it on the table, Jiang Jun doesn’t bother listening. She put on the earphones and listened to the news while eating breakfast. The sweet and sour taste of the juice slid down her mouth into her stomach, causing her internal organs to wake up. Jiang Jun yawned heavily, took a tissue and wiped his eyes, only then could he completely wake up from his early sleepiness.

Yuan Shuai released his hand, pointing to the juice.

Jiang Jun put the straw in front of his lips, waited until he finished drinking, and then skillfully tore the bread into pieces and stuffed it into his mouth bit by bit.

“What nonsense, just do as I said!” Yuan Shuai swallowed the food in his mouth hard, raised his voice and speech speed impatiently, and then calmed down to the person on the other end of the phone, “Your thoughts are Not bad, but the time is too tight at the moment, and you don’t know how much pressure it puts on me. I helped you get so many resources before, so you have to be considerate of me, you…”

Jiang Jun put the paper bag containing the garbage under the seat and thought: I slap and rub it twice, and I don’t know which fool is fooling me. The other party really eats this set. If it were her own boss, she would have taken a revolution. She raised her hand to look at the watch, opened the mirror on the sun visor, and painted on the mirror.

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