Sand sea

Sand sea
Other names: 沙海
Author: Sanshu of the Southern School
Genre: Novel, Tomb Robber Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In order to find the missing subordinate, Wu Xie found the innocent young man Li Tu who was implicated. The scar on the back of the teenager became the key to Wu Xie’s solving the mystery of the desert tomb. Intimidated and lured, Wu Xie took Li Tuo deep into the desert forbidden area of death-Gu Tongjing. The people who disappeared in the photos, the unprovoked figures in the camera, the truck surrounding Haizi, the destroyed camera, the corpses under the sand dunes… In the uninhabited desert, what else would Wu Xie and his party find? Who can the appearance of black glasses save? And who can leave alive?