Diversity Plot

Love is Sweet Episode 1 – 5

Episode 1
Jiang Jun glamorously participated in the interview of MH Securities Investment Banking Department, and used his own methods to help the surrounding interviewees to relieve the tension. At the same time, with his professional ability, he successfully passed the previous rounds of interviews, but he did not expect to encounter Yuan Shuai, the “childhood shadow” he had not seen in ten years in the last round. Yuan Shuai is now the ED of MH, and he is also known as the youngest undefeated God of War in the investment banking industry. Sure enough, the enemy was extremely jealous when he met, and Yuan Shuai let Jiang Jun out in the interview that would never eliminate people. Jiang Jun is frustrated, but Yuan Shuai is very happy to see Jiang Jun again in private.

Episode 2
Jiang Jun woke up and found that he was already in the hospital. He saw the scandal between himself and Yuan Shuai in the news. Fortunately, he could not see his face clearly in the photo. Then he found that Yuan Shuai had sent it to him on his mobile phone. His own apology message is even more angry. On the other side, Yuan Shuai was taught by Su Chang that the experience of love is to get close to the water. So the original landlord of Yuan Shuai Taolu Jiang Jun drove Jiang Jun out, and tried a way to decorate the house next door to Jiang Jun’s favorite layout and put it on the agency website. At the same time, Yuan Shuai took Jiang Jun to the clothing store to buy but not try, so that Jiang Jun realized that his inner sensitivity is not suitable for investment banking.

Episode 3
Jiang Jun has officially joined MH, which surprised Yuan Shuai. Since my colleagues all knew that Jiang Jun was parachuted because of Lin Taimo, they excluded her. At the same time, Yuan Shuai arranged for her to complete the related work of the Krone Pharmaceuticals due diligence, and warned Jiang Jun that regardless of whose relationship she entered MH, as long as she made three mistakes during the trial period, she would be judged unqualified and eliminated. Jiang Jun said that he would definitely stay, and the two pointed at Maimang again. Xu Li also successfully joined the convenience store. On the first day at work, she discovered that there was a problem with the computer. The male god Li Xiaochuan flashed up, helping Xu Li to solve the problem, making Xu Li even more excited.

Episode 4
Jiang Jun fell asleep in Yuan Shuai’s car due to exhaustion. After setting up Jiang Jun, Yuan Shuai took the initiative to get off the car and went to the Longting Convenience Store to help Jiang Jun buy sanitary napkins, but met Xu Li when he paid. Although Xu Li tried her best to cover up, she was still pierced by Yuan Shuai. Xu Li consciously made a mistake, so she took the initiative to help Yuan Shuai pay the bill and help Yuan Shuai prepare the brown sugar water. Jiang Jun woke up from the car and found that Yuan Shuai was waiting quietly for him. At the same time, Yuan Shuai handed the brown sugar water to Jiang Jun, which made Jiang a little touched. When Jiang Jun returned home, Xu Li found that Jiang Jun was not only wearing Yuan Shuai’s clothes, but also what Yuan Shuai had bought from the convenience store. He instantly replenished the small theater.

Episode 5
When Jiang Jun was worrying about how to solve the problem, Du Lei’s timely guidance made Jiang Jun seem to be in trouble. After the two talked, they came back and continued to check information. Yuan Shuai directly approached Li Xiang. After lobbying Li Xiang, Li Xiang finally revealed the truth and told Yuan Shuai that the real person who was actually hidden by Colon was Lin He. Jiang Jun simultaneously found Lin He and told Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai asked her to find a way to hold Deng Ke when Colon and MH signed the agreement in the afternoon. Yuan Shuai found Lin He at the racing track and proposed to race against Lin He. If he wins, then Lin He will testify.

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