Diversity Plot

Love is Sweet Episode 6 – 10

Episode 6
Yuan Shuai forcibly explained that he wanted to take the love letter because he was afraid that Jiang Jun would be emotionally hurt in the future and cry allergies, and this time in the case of Colang, it is also to restore the favor of the year, and he will no longer be soft-hearted in the future. Jiang Jun said that he already had a very good teacher in the investment bank, and he didn’t need Yuan Shuai’s special care. This made Yuan Shuai angrily leave the rice noodle shop, and Jiang Jun had to chase him. The two walked to the entrance of a photo studio and found that they were engaged in a couple activities. Yuan Shuai forcibly took Jiang Jun to take a photo of the photo taken by the two in high school, but unexpectedly, the photo booth was directly posted to the machine because of the fight. Burned.

Episode 7
On the one hand, Jiang Jun explained to Yuan Shuai that he did not know Du Lei’s true identity, and on the other hand, he told Du Lei that he had offended in the past, and it is better to keep a distance in the future. Du Lei, who was still happy when he received the gift, was momentarily depressed. Linda told Du Lei to attend his father’s birthday party on time. Matthew arrogantly taught the newcomers to show his leadership and dignity, but Yuan Shuai directly dismantled the stage and said that he had brought Jiang Jun and other newcomer analysts to form a new working group to be responsible for the Wanxing Entertainment IPO project. Matthew left desperately.

Episode 8
Jiang Jun felt in Jona’s eyes that it was important to save his life first, so he left with excuses. According to Xu Li’s analysis, the next day Jiang Jun began to make things difficult for Qiao Na, so Jiang Jun deliberately began to distance himself from Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shuai was very puzzled until he saw the sheep that Jiang Jun scribbled on paper. Yuan Shuai deliberately set up a drawing board in the corridor to let Jiang Jun paint at will, and the two people were fighting and fighting, which relieved Jiang Jun’s defense.

Episode 9
When Jiang Jun was walking alone in the alley, a man in black appeared and snatched Jiang Jun’s bag directly. The two were chasing and pushing each other, Jiang Jun’s bag was snatched, his phone was smashed, and he suffered. hurt. Yuan Shuai, who couldn’t contact Jiang Jun, was even more anxious. It was even more distressed to find that Jiang Jun was injured on the balcony, saying that he would find a way to solve it, and asked Jun Jiang not to interfere with Wanshan and Tang Xin’s affairs. Xu Li found that Li Xiaochuan hadn’t visited the convenience store for several days, so she wanted to go directly to Li Xiaochuan’s school. Under the guidance of the school girl, she finally found the study room of the campus male god Li Xiaochuan.

Episode 10
The incident of Tang Xin being violated by Wanshan was exposed by the media, and Wanxing was caught in a public opinion storm. Yuan Shuai also redistributed work to the team, and MH fell into intense preparations for work. Li Xiaochuan returned to the convenience store. Xu Li originally thought that Li Xiaochuan had come to apologize to her, but found out that she would be wrong, so she changed the wifi password angrily. Li Xiaochuan explained to Xu Li that the ambiguous account in WeChat last time was only an internal test account, and she would send messages to customers every day. Xu Li said that she has a friend who wants to do an AI account and wants to find someone to help with the internal test. Li Xiaochuan agreed.

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