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Poisoned Love Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11
Dialect gave himself an ultimatum to let his first love have a beginning and an end without regrets, and when he decided to have unrequited love, Meng left him in two days. On the weekend, the dialect brought Shi Meng to the skating rink, saying that he had never been in a dangerous place like the skating rink because of illness. Shi Meng felt sympathy and taught him to skate in dialect. Left and right school held a parent-child winter camp. Left and right wanted to find Hao Yingjun as a temporary father, but Zuo Yao refused and left and right angry. In the park, I found that I was the only one without my father, so I felt even more disappointed.

At this time, Hao Yingjun made a cool appearance and told Zuo Yao that he knew that he was not his own son, and he was still willing to spend the rest of his life with the mother and son. Hao Yingjun accompanied the left and right to complete the task and tried his best to help the left and right “ruling the hegemony” winter camp, Zuo Yao mother and son were moved. In the evening, Dialect thoughtfully presented a bowl of pig’s trotter soup, and found Shi Meng to listen to the recordings of his familiar trotter soup shop. Shi Meng was moved. Dialect took the initiative to kiss Shi Meng on the grounds of “validating sexual orientation”, but was picked up by Shi Meng instead.

Episode 12
Facing Zuo Yao’s refusal again, Hao Yingjun made up his mind to defeat this love rival that had never appeared before. With the dialect, Meng went to the lakeside to make a wish to watch the galaxy and the snow drifting in the sky, and it was time for Meng to celebrate his birthday with fireworks in the sky. After returning home, the dialect suddenly said goodbye to Shi Meng. She has already moved out and will not disturb Shi Meng in the future. After the dialect left, Shi Meng’s life seemed to be full of dialect shadows, and he was very lost.

The dialect was also depressed for several days due to a broken relationship, until Shiyi came to see that the dialect was in a bad mood, dressed up and took her out to eat stinky tofu, and hid in a piano bar to hide from fans. Shiyi sang the song that he first appeared on stage in the dialect, and wanted to take the opportunity to confess, but the dialect absently interrupted. At this time, a hot search on Weibo that “Shiyi and Yinjiang suspected to announce their relationship” made many people anxious.

Episode 13
Shi Meng and Hao Yingjun have a bad relationship, and they spend their time in the bar to relieve their troubles. When Hao Yingjun scolded, Meng liked it but didn’t act. To give him a correct demonstration, the two set a trap for Zuo Yao to pick Hao Yingjun home. When the first snow came, Shi Meng thought of the starry sky and snow in the sky that the dialect expected. He wanted to make an appointment to see the snow in the dialect, but he couldn’t say anything. Looking at Chuxue, the dialect only waited for Shiyi’s text messages, and felt a little lost.

On the day of the opening ceremony of “Water Mirror Story”, Shi Meng learned that Shi Yi was present with a dialect, thinking that they would take the opportunity to announce their relationship, and rushed to the scene to take the dialect away with clumsy excuses. Gao Lengba always went offline because of his love for IQ . Shi Meng angrily denounced Shi Yi for using dialect, but Shi Yihui was too confused to speak. Under Hao Yingjun’s encouragement, Shi Meng found a dialect and wanted to confess her to let her go back, but what he said was that he could not find a nanny, which made the dialect mad at him. After the opening ceremony, Shi Meng, Hao Yingjun, and Wei Lin discussed how to confess to the dialect

Episode 14
Shi Meng asked Wei Lin to deceive the dialect. On the carefully arranged romantic bridge, Shi Meng confessed to the dialect affectionately and was rejected by the dialect. On the second day, Meng was furious when he encountered a dialect whose attitude was clearly to draw a line from him, and vented his dissatisfaction to the employees. Everyone in the company was at risk. When she refused the dialect, Shi Menghou fell completely into a love affair. She was determined to cure her illness. She received Dr. Cui’s advice to build trust between Shiyi and the dialect and talk secrets.

Shi Yi brought a dialect to the orphanage to celebrate the birthday of the orphans. Shi Yi confessed his secret and told the dialect that he was not a child of his parents, but adopted. The dialect touched him deeply. After speaking in his heart, Shi Yi was about to confess to the other party and was interrupted by a phone call. Dialect learned from the phone that Shi Meng had a car accident and rushed to the hospital. He waited anxiously in front of the closed operating room door, but only waited until the doctor came out and shook his head.

Episode 15
The dialect mistakenly believed that Shi Meng was a bandaged person with no medicine and no medicine. He cried and confessed to that person. He didn’t notice Shi Meng who appeared behind her. The dialect was embraced by Shi Meng in front of her. The two left the hospital and returned to Shi Meng’s home, making up for all the missing feelings they couldn’t love these days, and getting along sweetly. At night, Shi Meng revealed his secrets that he had hidden for many years.

He confessed his father’s last trace before his disappearance to find the kidnapped himself. He always blamed himself for his father’s disappearance and wanted to find him who was taken with him. Kidnapped little girl. Dialect heard, eat the vinegar of that little girl back then. Shimeng travels sweetly with dialects, arranges full of stars and lights on the river, creating a romantic galaxy scene, and promises to help dialects to realize their wishes. The dialect is shocked and moved, and kisses Shimeng by the galaxy.

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