Diversity Plot

Poisoned Love Episode 16 – 20

Episode 16
Zuo Yao recalled that when he was with Hao Yingjun at the university, he accidentally found that Hao Yingjun was drunk and cheating on a woman. This is why Zuo Yao refused Hao Yingjun again and again. The dialect returned to Zuo Yao’s home and confessed that he was in love with Shi Meng, but because of this he had a big fight with Zuo Yao. Zuo Yao suggested that the dialect was not suitable for love, and the dialect said that he would confess with Shi Meng. Shiyi accidentally discovered from Dr. Cui that Shi Mengcai was a person who could help with dialects. When Shiyi fell into despair, he was planning to separate the two of them. Shi Yi guided the dialect and Shi Mengyue in the restaurant he recommended.

Before Shi Meng arrived at the restaurant, he secretly hypnotized the dialect to make him sick. After the dialect was hugged by Shi Meng, he appeared to grab the dialect and told Shi Meng that he was only himself. Only then can the dialect disease be cured. Shi Yi secretly awakened the hypnosis of the dialect. While the dialect was grateful to Shi Yi, he wondered why he suddenly fell ill. When Shi Meng learned of the dialect’s condition, he was afraid that the dialect would give up treating the disease for love and would break up with the dialect cruelly.

Episode 17
After Shi Meng broke up with the dialect, both sides were injured and fell into pain. Gu Yuanzhou’s daughter, Gu Wei, returned to China and was responsible for the docking of “Water Mirror Story” with the Japanese special effects team. Gu Wei behaved intimately with Shi Meng, causing Dialect and Zuo Yao to mistake him for Shi Meng’s two girlfriends. Gu Wei made her own claim and damaged the software of my bird’s screensaver in Shimeng’s computer. She was frightened by Shimeng when she was angry. When she went to the bathroom, she encountered Nina, who had repeatedly cheated on the dialect. I fell ill while watching horror movies on VR glasses.

The dialect became ill at the company, causing crowds to watch. Shi Meng came in time to find Shi Yi with the dialect. Shi Yi knew that he could not treat the disease with the dialect and was guilty. After all possible evasions, the embarrassing pro-dialect was secretly photographed. The secretly photographed photos were posted on hot searches, and the dialect was violently posted by the Internet that she was posted upside down. The company had an emergency meeting. Shiyi wanted to announce his relationship with the dialect. Shimeng opposed it. When the stalemate was at a standstill, the dialect agreed to the official announcement.

Episode 18
Shi Yi suggested that the dialects move to live with him. Among the many empty houses in Shi’s family, the dialect chose Shi Meng’s original house. In dialect, I was very distressed when I saw Shi Meng’s comic book diary about the kidnapping and the disappearance of his father when he was a child. When Shiyi left for work in the morning, Shi Meng sneaked up to Shi’s family downstairs as a “Wang Wife Stone” and rushed upstairs despite the screams of being burned in the dialect. Dialect received a courier, Shi Meng found that it was something intimidating dialect. When Shiyi learned of this, he was determined to build momentum for dialects and cultivate fans, and he did not shake his official determination.

Shi Meng discovered that the threatening letter and the courier were sent by Shiyi’s assistant, Xiao K, who has always been an avid fan of Shiyi. At this time, the dialect had been tied to Shi’s family by Xiao K. Shi Meng sneaked in and grabbed the words. Unexpectedly, Xiao K was almost crazy. He didn’t believe that Shi Meng said that he and the dialect were his lover. He thought that Shi Yi and the dialect were a real pair. He wanted to die with the dialect. He poured gasoline into his home and lit a lighter.

Episode 19
Shiyi and the police arrived in time to subdue Little K. I saw Shi Meng Fen’s disregard for himself, and the dialect understood that Shi Meng cared about him, and the two recovered their sweetness. Shiyi returned home from the police station after taking notes and found that the dialect had been moved out. He was crying when he recalled the little bit of the dialect before, and even imagined that the dialect had returned to him, but opened the door and found that it was Shi Meng who had rang the doorbell. Shi Meng made a deal with Shi Yi and allowed Shi Yi to treat his illness in a group of dialects, and he could agree to Shi Yi on any condition except breaking up.

Shiyi asked him to let him go after the dialect within a month, during which time Shimeng was not allowed to make progress or contact with the dialect. Shi Yi moved his luggage and moved into Shi Meng’s house directly. When she saw Shi Meng had to abide by the agreement not to make physical contact with the dialect, Shi Yi was in a good mood. The two brothers fought secretly to seize the dialect, which made the dialect feel baffled. In order to be at ease with Shi Meng, dialect forced himself to undergo desensitization treatment, and to practice courage by watching scary things. Shiyi looked at it, and it was not a taste in his heart.

Episode 20
Shiyi accidentally walked away while driving and was frightened by the dialect, so she took her to find Shimeng and told her the truth about the dialect’s cure. Gu Wei was dissatisfied when she saw Shi Meng embracing the dialect, and when she came to Zuo Yao’s house, she persuaded the dialect to leave Shi Meng. When Gu Wei saw the photos of the left and right, she thought Zuo Yao had put a green hat on Hao Yingjun. Zuo Yao angrily rebuked Hao Yingjun for derailing and fucking with Gu Wei. After Gu Wei explained, Zuo Yao realized that she had blamed Hao Yingjun. Going home from school left and right, cheating out the truth that he was adopted in a few words.

Shi Meng concealed Shi Yi’s deception of the dialect, and the relationship between the two brothers eased. At this time, the dialect got news about leaving home. Everyone ran out to find the child separately. When they stayed, they waited at Zuo Yao’s house. When they found out, they hid them at home. They were taken away as adopted so that he could love his family. Zuo Yao and Hao Yingjun resolved their misunderstanding and reconciled. In order to ease the relationship between brothers, the dialects combined left and right to let Shiyi and Shimeng hatch my bird’s child “I egg”.

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