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Poisoned Love Episode 21 – 24 End

Episode 21
Seeing that his daughter failed to pursue love, Gu Yuanzhou found Shi Meng and hoped that he would break up with the dialect. Shi Meng firmly defended the dialect, which made Gu Yuanzhou very dissatisfied. Shi Yi confessed to the other party. When he was a child, he learned that he was adopted. He once threw Shi Meng away. Although he immediately went back to find him, he couldn’t find him. Shi Meng was kidnapped and his father disappeared. Dialect learns that their heart is here, and is determined to let the brothers solve the misunderstanding. The dialect asked Shi Meng to come to the place where she was kidnapped that year, hoping that the brothers would speak clearly face to face.

Unexpectedly, after dialect came here, she suddenly recalled that she was the little girl kidnapped with Shi Meng. The two approached Dr. Cui. Dr. Cui said that the kidnapping case may have been the cause of the dialect’s illness. The source of the horror was the scene that the dialect could not remember now. Overcoming this, the dialect is likely to heal. The dialect recalled that the person who kidnapped them was called “Xiao Liu”, and Shi Meng knew that Xiao Liu was Gu Yuanzhou’s nickname.

Episode 22
On the board of directors of Concept Pictures, the chairman of the board was being elected. Shimeng, who was inevitable, was defeated by the sudden appearance of Shiyi’s fall to Gu Yuanzhou. It turned out that Shiyi and Gu Yuanzhou had reached an agreement privately, vowing to kick Shi Meng out of Concept Pictures. When dialect and others were preparing to celebrate with a party at home, Meng became chairman of the board, but they got news that Shi Meng had disappeared after being removed. Shi Meng went into hiding, the dialect worried about him, and within a few days he searched all the places where they had common memories but couldn’t find him.

In order to force Shi-Meng out, Shi-Yi’s joint dialect gave a strong medicine: the public announcement that Shi-Yi’s engagement ceremony with Yinjiang was broadcast live on the whole network. On the day of the engagement ceremony, Gu Yuanzhou met Shi Yi privately and said that he had specially invited security personnel to check the identity of the guests and would never let Shi Meng into the engagement scene. Outside the engagement venue, Shi Meng, dressed in disguise, met an old employee of Concept Pictures to help him enter the ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, in the beautiful venue, dressed-up dialects quietly waited for Shi Meng’s appearance.

Episode 24
Everyone tried their best to delay time, but the engagement ceremony had reached the stage of ring exchange. Shi Meng hadn’t appeared yet. When he was in a hurry, he pretended to be ill. When he fell, Shi Meng rushed out and hugged the dialect and left. The media scrambled to report Shi Meng’s marriage. Shi Yi lost his face and hated Shi Meng twice. Gu Yuanzhou saw all this in his eyes. When he returned to Shimeng’s home, the dialect expressed that he wanted to share the joys and sorrows of Shimeng, but Shimeng felt guilty. It turned out that all this was a breakup between the two brothers, in order to let Gu Yuanzhou dispel his vigilance and take the opportunity to investigate Gu Yuanzhou’s financial shortfall in the past to find out the truth.

Shi Yi deliberately disclosed to Gu Yuanzhou that Shi Meng had found clues about the kidnapping case that year, and made Gu Yuanzhou mess up. The two brothers cooperated and obtained evidence that Gu Yuanzhou had embezzled and killed his father, but he was threatened by Gu Yuanzhou in a dialect. The dialect had been tricked out by Gu Yuanzhou using a card written by Shimeng.

Episode 24
The dialect came to the place on the card, and the scary rag doll prepared by Gu Yuanzhou was frightened and fell into the lake unconsciously. Suddenly I remembered her greatest fear back then, which was also the root of the disease. Shifu was pushed downstairs to death by Gu Yuanzhou. Everything The truth is revealed. Before sinking into the water, Shi Meng arrived and rescued the dialect. The police found the bones of Shi’s father, and the old case was finally settled. “Water Mirror Story” was released at a good box office. Hao Yingjun proposed to Zuo Yao. He was envious of dialect, but when he turned around, he found that Shi Meng and Shi Yi were together to make up for the brotherhood that had been missing for many years, and ignored themselves.

The dialect does everything possible to imply that Shi Meng wants to get married, but Shi Meng always avoids the point perfectly. Even when the first snow that the dialect most anticipates, he still does not show up until the dialect is brought to the record store rooftop. It turns out that Shi Meng is ready for today’s propose. After the marriage proposal was successful, the dialect thought that he could enjoy the world of the two, but Shiyi always “robbed Shimeng” with the dialect, and the noisy life of the three continued…

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