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Poisoned Love Episode 6 – 10

Episode 6
Shi Yi was pleasantly surprised by the sudden visit of the dialect, but when he learned that something with his own breath could help the dialect relieve his illness, he was a little disappointed, but he still gave the dialect a wooden harmonica. When the dialect was dubbing “Hushen”, he felt that his performance was not perfect. After receiving the experience method proposed by the director, Weilin said that he would help the dialect. When Shi Meng returned home, he found a big white goose flying out of the dialect room. Shi Mengnu drove the dialect and the goose called “My Bird” out of the house.

After a while, he worried about the dialect and put them into the house. My bird continued to be a demon, causing Shi Meng to accidentally fall onto the dialect. The two kissed unexpectedly, and the ambiguous seeds sprouted. Shi Meng was upset when he saw the wooden harmonica in his dialect. When I woke up the next day, the dialect thought that the wooden harmonica had been soiled by my bird, and was very upset. The company’s shareholder Gu Yuanzhou pressed Shi Meng and planted unreasonable advertisements for “Water Mirror Story.” The director threatened to resign in order to ensure the quality of the film. Shi Meng was caught in the middle and embarrassed.

Episode 7
Shiyi knew that the harmonica had been ruined by my bird, and did not blame it, and he tied his own scarf for the dialect. Dialect was very anxious to learn about the director’s strike. Shiyi comforted her to change the director as a reasonable operation. Dialect thought about it and said that the director must be sad now. After learning that Shi Meng hadn’t found the director for a whole day, he used the game to connect the voice with the director in dialect to figure out the director’s position, and went to find him with Shi Meng. On the way, Shi Meng accidentally got her in the dialect, so Shi Meng picked her up and continued walking.

The dialect lasts when Meng wears a scarf, and the two become ambiguous. Shi Meng talked about his dreams with the director. When he returned home drunk, Shi Meng played a rogue and made his dialect blush and heartbeat. When he woke up in the middle of the night, Shi Meng saw that the picture on his Weibo was the scarf wrapped around him by the dialect. He was jealous and annoyed. The next day, he blocked the dialect from seeing Shiyi in every possible way. The old wooden shelves in Shimeng’s room were knocked down during the dialect cleaning, and they threw them away and replaced them with new ones, but they did not know that this was done by Shimeng together with his father when he was a child.

Episode 8
Shi Meng found that the rack was thrown away and was furious. At this time, he learned that his mother Ling Fangqin was holding a funeral for his father, who had been missing for many years, and officially announced his death to the outside world. Shi Meng hurried to the cemetery, unwilling to admit that his father who had been missing for many years was dead. , Fight with time. The dialect successfully got the opportunity to dub “Lake God”, but Nina, who was unwilling to lose the election, once again frightened her.

At the time when Meng returned to the company, he picked up the dialect and wanted to type 120, but Zuo Yao specifically called out to him. In order to “cure” the dialect, Shi Yi kissed her on her forehead, and Shi Meng was annoyed. After Shi Yi and Shi Meng agreed not to make her mother sad anymore, she took the dialect to KTV to relax by herself, and borrowed a story to reveal the reason why his father disappeared and the two brothers broke up. Shi Meng unconsciously played a rogue in front of dialects because of all sorts of annoying things accumulated in a day.

Episode 9
Shi Meng was drunk and made his dialect blush and heartbeat. On the second day, Shi Meng found that the shelf had been retrieved by the dialect, and was deeply moved. Only then did the dialect know the meaning of the shelf. Shi Meng felt even more distressed. At a dinner party for the actors and actresses of “Water Mirror Story”, the actress Lin Lin used advertisers to deliberately make things difficult for dialects and dive into the dialect to find something. Shi Meng rushed to see the dialect soaked and his hands were scratched, and immediately announced that he would terminate the contract with the advertiser, and Dabu Meteor left with the dialect.

In the hospital, Shimeng made a fuss about the wounds in the dialect, forcing the doctor to bandage the dialect into trotters. Thinking back to Meng’s defense of herself recently, the dialect was a little moved, but she did not realize that this was the feeling of liking. Shi Yi invited the dialect to a trotter soup shop to fill the form with the form and send the dialect home on the way, Shi Yi tried the dialect’s feelings for him. When the atmosphere was getting ambiguous, Shi Meng was caught by Shi Meng who was taking out the garbage at the door.

Episode 10
Shi Meng personally boiled pig’s trotters soup for her, washed her hair, played with her, and led her into the feeling of love in the “Lake God” because of a hand injury in the dialect. Since the mother and child are single, the dialect has always been a love idiot. With Wei Lin’s suggestion, she knew that she liked Shi Meng. In order to determine how Shi Meng feels about himself, Dialect asked him to watch the movie “The Shining”. Shi Meng was late for work and lost his dialect, and left early due to the horror scenes of the movie.

When Shi Meng rushed to the cinema, he happened to see that Shi Yi was afraid of the dialect and embraced the dialect. He was in a bad mood. After returning home, he said coldly in the other dialect. When the dialect mentioned that the contract was about to expire, he suggested that he would help the dialect find a good house and move out. Let the dialect think that Shi Meng really has no feeling for himself. The dialect understands that he needs to have physical contact with Shi Yi when he is sick, so it is not suitable to fall in love before he recovers, and Shi Meng does not like him, this first love can only end.

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