Diversity Plot

Renascence Episode 16-18

Episode 16
Ye Jun wakes up and sees a woman in the room, thinking Yao Mowan, but when she turns around, she realizes that it is Wang Qinruo. Wang Qinruo told him in jealousy that he had just called Yao Moxin’s name three times, and the rest were all calling Yao Mowan. Did he really fall in love with her. Ye Junqing’s heart was shaking, it turned out that Yao Mowan had already taken root in his heart. Wang Qinruo sneered and warned him to stop wishful thinking. Just now Ye Hongyi went to Guanju Palace, and the two of them might be turning the clouds and the rain. Ye Junqing was heartbroken.

Episode 17
If Wang Qin was unwilling to pay for Ye Junqing’s affectionate feelings, he even went to the wine of Ye Junqing, making him think that the woman in front of him was Yao Mowan. After a while of confusion, Ye Junqing and Wang Qinruo almost did a deception. Fortunately, Wang Qinruo’s love letter to Ye Junqing was intercepted by Yao Mowan.

Episode 18
The emperor Xingshi asked the crime, and Tingyue admitted that it was Yao Suluan who threatened her with her father’s life, and she was willing to steal the drawings of Jiucai Fengqibuyao and take the charge of Yao Mowan. Facing Tingyue’s confession, the emperor robbed Yao Suluan’s noble concubine and reduced it to concubine, while Yao Mowan was canonized by the emperor as the noble concubine of the emperor, ranking in the sixth palace, the palace was shocked. Liu Xing suddenly disappeared and everyone could not be found, until Yin Xue found Liu Xing who was dying in a dry well.

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