Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 12 Recap

Weilai originally surpassed Ran Xing, but in the last three seconds, he was overtaken. In the end Ran Xing won the championship, and Jackson won the MVP, but he gave the medal to Gu Yang . Gu Yang felt that this should belong to everyone. They heap trouble, the shut Xi left out.

After the game, they played the game together while waiting for Jiang Zilin in the lounge. Liang Chenxuan discovered that Jackson was the one who encouraged him before. They also discovered that Jackson was number one in the whole server. I noticed that Guan Xi was giving a small report to Mr. Wang and holding Lu Xinghao to leave, without team spirit.

When Jiang Zilin came, they left. When Gu Yang went down, they saw Xu Jing, who was a fan of Liang Chenxuan. It was raining outside, so Gu Yang went up to get her umbrella. He also tricked Liang Chenxuan to give Xu Jing an umbrella. Liang Chenxuan Talking about today’s game with Xu Jing, Liang Chenxuan said that he was encouraged by fans who supported him. Xu Jing said that her idol helped her out of depression.

When Lu Xingtian was sad about today’s affairs, Lu Xinghao knocked on the door, scaring Lu Xingtian to death.

President Wang was very angry at Lu Xinghao’s private departure. Gu Yang stood up and explained to Lu Xinghao. Jiang Zilin also explained to President Wang. President Wang praised Gu Yang for what he did right this time, but he must tell him next time. Because of Guan Xi’s performance, Han Zhen removed him from the position of captain. Because they performed well this time, Jiang Zilin gave them a day off. Guan Xi felt that Gu Yang had filed a lawsuit, and she hated Gu Yang in her heart.

Lu Xinghao also posted a video on the Internet to express his opinion on this matter. Now the online comments are turning to the side that is beneficial to Lu Xinghao.

Gu Yang had asked his boss to keep him the piano, and the boss urged him to buy it, but Gu Yang still had no money, and the boss promised to keep it for a while.

In the evening, they were surrounded by people led by Guan Xi on their way to dinner. They also knew that the person on the Internet was Guan Xi. After a fight, they successfully defeated Guan Xi and the others, but Lu Xinghao also promised that Guan Xi would not give The company said about him.

Now they can finally eat with peace of mind, the matter is resolved well, and they are very happy.

The next day Jiang Zilin found the injuries on their faces and reprimanded them, but she affirmed their performance in the basketball game. Despite this, she decided to let them train for two hours a day starting from tomorrow.

After Liang Chenxuan’s efforts and the guidance of his apprentice, Liang Chenxuan finally lost weight. He also found out that his apprentice was Jackson that day, and the two of them also talked about it.

The next assessment is also coming. This time the assessment will determine which of them will participate in “Young New Generation”. The final winners can make their debut. This time they will be in teams of two, with only one person in each group, Guan Xi and Lin. When Chen is together, they are all wondering if Guan Xi will decide by default.

Gu Yang knew from Zhou Yan that Zhao Zhengnan came to Weilai because he felt that Gu Yang was in trouble .

Liang Chenxuan and Jackson were put in a group. Jackson let Liang Chenxuan go everywhere. Liang Chenxuan didn’t want Jackson to let him go anymore. He said that this time, let them play fairly, for Jackson’s dream and for his own.

When Gu Yang was alone in the basketball court at night, Zhao Zhengnan came. Gu Yang thanked him for helping him back then and said that he would compete fairly with Zhao Zhengnan this time.

When Lin Chen was practicing alone, Jiang Zilin came over and asked him to call Guan Xi together. Lin Chen wanted to ask if Guan Xi had been appointed internally, but couldn’t ask.

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