Run For Young 风犬少年的天空 Episode 6 Recap

Dazui ‘s mother gave Dazui some money and asked him to be safe when he went out to play. So Big Mouth immediately went to the Internet to make an appointment with the netizens who had been chatting for a long time, and decided to see Jiefangbei tonight, all wearing red scarves. On the rooftop, An Ran recalled that he went to find Liu Wenqin and found that his family had moved away. Liu Wenqin was also in jail. Old dog and An Ran met on the rooftop, and An Ran told Old Dog that she had applied to study abroad. The old dog said that there was a lively festival today and wanted to invite her to go there, but An Ran refused.

Uncle Security wants to reorganize the marathon team, Director Pan does not want them to reorganize, but it is okay to reorganize, just wait for the snow in the main city of Chongqing. Jiaojiao sent the greeting cards they received to classmates, and saw many people sending greeting cards to Martin. The old dog said that he would give An Ran a surprise after class, and then left. Jiaojiao had dinner with Dazui and the others, Dazui told Jiaojiao that they could not accompany her if they had an appointment tonight. Jiaojiao was sour by her classmates, and heard that Mimi sent her classmate’s greeting card, but she didn’t send her a greeting card, so she left without school.

Jiaojiao was reading a book in a bookstore, and she quietly bought a lot of greeting cards, pretending that someone gave her. The old dog went to see Liu Wenqin’s father. The old dog apologized to his uncle and said that he regretted not stopping Brother Qin from doing certain things. The old dog found the necklace left by Brother Qin, so he went back on his motorcycle. The greeting card that Jiaojiao bought for herself was accidentally removed by Big Mouth, and then her classmates found out that she might have bought it for herself, so Jiaojiao felt embarrassed. Martin immediately said that this was a greeting card he bought, and accidentally inserted it by mistake.

Jiaojiao was very unhappy when she came home after class. She saw Big Mouth and Mimi dressed up very strangely and wanted to ask them where they were going, but they ran away immediately. The mother with Big Mouth picked up the girl who was going to meet with Big Mouth. The old dog was blocked on the road on the motorcycle. The old dog found An Ran standing in front of Santa’s window, so he got out of the car. The old dog came to the shop window and remembered what Brother Qin had said to him, so he went to buy Santa Claus clothes.

Martin wrote 39 greeting cards to Jiaojiao on the rooftop. Jiaojiao saw An Ran unhappy in the classroom, so she wanted to comfort An Ran. An Ran thanked her very much, and Jiaojiao felt very happy. Martin quietly stuffed the greeting card into Jiaojiao’s drawer. After Jiaojiao came back, she found that there were many more greeting cards in the drawer. Jiaojiao was also very happy that attracted the attention of the students.

Big Mouth came to Jiefangbei to wait for netizens, but the netizens were blocked on the road. Mimi knew that Chen Yuanyuan was going to skate on the ice rink, but suddenly heard that Yuanyuan didn’t like him. Mimi felt very hurt and gave up this confession. But Yuanyuan said that if it snowed in the main city of Chongqing today, she would agree to him, and Mimi left alone. The old dog looked for Santa’s clothes everywhere, but in the end he couldn’t help but smashed the window. Suddenly it snowed, Director Pan allowed the marathon team to be reorganized, and Jiaojiao also knew that it was a greeting card written by Martin Martin. Mimi was also very happy to see the snow and felt that she had a chance. Dazui and netizens also met in the crowd. The picture of the two holding hands was still seen by the mother, but she was also very happy.

The old dog put on Christmas clothes and went to find An Ran. After school, An Ran saw a Santa Claus walking towards her. The old dog gave the necklace to An Ran. The old dog saw An Ran happily smiled and left. An Ran knew that this was an old dog, so she told the old dog loudly that she liked this gift very much. The old dog and Mimi met on the road, and they both felt that each other was so stupid.

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