The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 23 Recap

Helan Mingyu was extremely generous, Xiao Chengrui was unwilling to catch up with him and said that she was the only one in her heart. If she dared to say a word, he would immediately let Helan Wanyin leave here and never see her again. He Lan Mingyu was extremely surprised. He didn’t expect him to have such thoughts. Xiao Chengrui felt that she was playing lust and indulgence with herself. Helan Mingyu was extremely chilling. It turned out that he just used Helan Wanyin as a tool to test himself. This is too cruel and ruthless! Helan Wanyin cried when Helan Mingyu said these words outside the hall. She was just a tool after all.

Xiao Chengrui rewarded Helan Wanyin with a lot of jewels, but what Helan Wanyin wanted was his favor. He originally thought he was the luckiest, but now he knows that he is just a pawn. Helan Wanyin took out the cloak and said that the woman he rescued from Situ Cheng back then was actually her. Since then, Helan Wanyin fell in love with him at first sight, and he supported Helan in Xiqi’s years. Wan Yin survived. Xiao Chengrui was very surprised.

He Lan Wanyin said that she would use Huiyong with Helanke tonight. She didn’t care about the prosperity and wealth, but wanted a happy relationship, but Xiao Chengrui didn’t have her in her heart, she might as well leave. Xiao Chengrui always thought that the woman who fell in love at first sight was Helan Mingyu, but now he knows that the person is Helan Wanyin, so she won’t let her leave anymore. Helan Wanyin’s crying pear flower brought rain into Xiao Chengrui’s arms. , Xiao Chengrui said, the days to come will definitely treat her well. Helan Wanyin was made a noble concubine. Ling Zhener ran to find Helan Mingyu angrily when he learned about it. Helan Mingyu didn’t care about it. Fortune and honor was just a thought of Xiao Chengrui.

Concubine Hui was very dissatisfied with the news. She thought it was her who promoted her noble concubine, but she didn’t expect a Helan Wan tone to appear halfway through. Su Yuying triumphantly told Xiao Chengxu that Xiao Chengrui no longer spoiled Helan Mingyu, Xiao Chengxu suddenly realized that she had told her old relationship with Helan Mingyu, thinking of Xiao Chengrui’s temptation a few days ago, Xiao Chengxu quickly went to Helan Yunqi to beg her Help Xiao Chengrui to make it clear, otherwise Helan Mingyu’s situation will be very difficult.

Xiao Chengxu let go at the beginning because she hoped that she would have a good time, and because he couldn’t help but want to see her, Helan Yunqi said that his absence is the greatest help to Helan Mingyu. It is best to care about a person and resist doing nothing. . Xiao Chengxu thought about it and thought it made sense, so he could only entrust Helan Mingyu to Helan Yunqi.

Xiao Chengxuan also heard about Helan Mingyu, and advised Xiao Chengxu not to look for her, otherwise Xiao Chengrui would become suspicious. Recently, Helan Wanyin is always late to Helan Yunqi to ask for peace. Helan Yunqi is a little dissatisfied, but Helan Mingyu speaks for her. Helan Yunqi said a few words about her, Helan Wanyin started crying when she returned, and after being hit by Xiao Chengrui, she said that she was weak and always late. Xiao Chengrui didn’t blame He Lan Yunqi, but He Lan Yunqi was a little angry.

In the past few months, Xiao Chengrui has not been anywhere except Helan Wanyin, which is really bad. Xiao Chengrui was angry with Helan Mingyu. Helan Yunqi sighed. It seems that she was right. When she liked it, everything she did was right, and what she didn’t like became a scheming. Helan Mingyu just came to please Helan Yunqi, Xiao Chengrui was invited by Helan Wanyin’s maid because of her bad health. Xiao Chengrui was annoyed to avoid Helan Wanyin’s rules for inviting Helan Yunqi, and he was of lower grade than the noble concubine. The concubine is going to greet Helan Wanyin. Helan Yunqi was worried, and Xiao Chengrui was so spoiled that she didn’t know whether Helan Wanyin was good or bad.

Concubine Hui bought a maid next to Helan Wanyin, and ran to her to provoke her. Both of them had their own ideas. The crowd came to greet Helan Wanyin, and Su Yuying also came. Helan Wanyu’s late arrival was only because of a elder sister, Helan Wanyin gave her face in public. Hui’er refused to take the chair, so Ling Zhen’er had to move it by herself, but Helan Wanyin caught her and said that she was lawless, and asked someone to take it down for twenty.

Helan Mingyu hurriedly stopped, saying that Ling Zhen’er was a third-grade female official named by Xiao Chengrui. In order to understand this situation, Helan Mingyu slapped Hui’er and said that Helan Wanyin had given her a seat just now, but she was unmoved. This was playing Helan Wanyin’s face. If Xiao Chengrui knew that she would be punished. Helan Mingyu moved out of Xiao Chengrui, and Concubine Hui hurriedly stepped forward to make a round of it.

Helan Mingyu felt very sorry for Ling Zhen’er, and asked her not to impulse Ling Zhen’er in the future. Ling Zhen’er promised quickly, but felt chills for her. Helan Mingyu abandoned her life and death several times to save her, but today Helan Wanyin treats her like this. ! Soon, He Lan Wanyin became pregnant, and Xiao Chengrui was very happy. Helan Mingyu learned that there was no ups and downs in this matter, and even happy for her, there was only one word in her heart, Jing.

Xiao Chengrui learned that Ling Zhen’er and Helan Wanyin had a conflict and ran to deal with Ling Zhen’er. Helan Mingyu hurriedly took care of him, but Xiao Chengrui felt that Helan Mingyu was deeply thoughtful and deliberately embarrassed Helan Wanyin, Helan Mingyu A little bit chilling, she has always followed her duty and never got jealous, nor would she hurt Helan Wanyin out of jealousy. Xiao Chengrui asked unwillingly, is she really sad if he spoils Helan Wanyin alone? Helan Mingyu is naturally sad. What’s sad is that his biological sisters will also be so jealous, and the husband who has been together for many years will one day trust nothing.

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