The Promise of Chang’an 长安诺 Episode 24 Recap

Xiao Chengrui was a little angry when he heard Helan Mingyu’s words, she still refused to say anything soft, so she asked her to kneel and copy the scriptures every day to pray for Helan Wanyin and the child in her belly. If the child has a little bit She is the only one who asks if something goes wrong. Ling Zhen’er felt that Helan Mingyu should give birth to a little prince, not to fight for favor, but to have hope, but Helan Mingyu felt that Xiao Chengrui and Helan Wanyin were in love with each other, and she didn’t want to destroy anymore, Ling Zhen’er fights the injustice for her, and the two of them are thinking of a way to toss Helan Mingyu, a poor and kind person. In the Hall of Prayer, Helan Mingyu knelt down and copied the scriptures, Ling Zhen’er was very distressed, and she was the only one by her side at this moment.

As soon as Xiao Chengxu returned to Beijing, he brought Su Yuying to Helan Yunqi to greet Helan Yunqi. Helan Mingyu also came, and Su Yuying was yin and yang strangely, Helan Mingyu handed over the scripture indifferently, praying for her sister willingly. Su Yuying again said that he could not marry a caring husband, Helan Yunqi quickly stopped, Helan Mingyu said that he would go to the Hall of Prayer and quit. Xiao Chengxu didn’t dare to say a word to Helan Mingyu, but secretly chased him up to greet her, because her face was very bad, Xiao Chengrui asked her to copy the scriptures for his beloved consort, which is really shameless! Xiao Chengxu only hated herself watching Helan Mingyu suffer but couldn’t do anything. Helan Mingyu claimed that she did not suffer, which was actually a relief for her.

Helan Mingyu insisted on copying the scriptures tonight, Xiao Chengxu came, and Ling Zhen’er quickly stepped back. Xiao Chengxu picked up the cloak and wrapped it around her, until Helan Mingyu took the pen in her hand and didn’t notice it. Helan Mingyu got up and almost fell, Xiao Chengxu hurriedly supported him, Helan Mingyu hurriedly said that it was inappropriate for them to meet so late and told him to go back quickly. Xiao Chengxu sighed. If fate hadn’t made fun of her, she would be his wife, but now it’s hard to even see her. It is useless to say more, Xiao Chengxu tells Helan Mingyu that he will let go, just to let her know that he has always been behind her.

Helan Wanyin was uncomfortable. The imperial doctor said she was fine, but Helan Wanyin was still very worried about the child in her belly. In the Hall of Prayer, Helan Mingyu’s face was pale, and then he fainted. Xiao Chengxu quickly called Ling Zhen’er to call the imperial physician. Helan Mingyu yelled Xiao Chengxu’s name in her sleep, Xiao Chengxu hurriedly held her hand, Helan Mingyu quickly pulled her hand back after waking up. Ling Zhen’er told Helan Yunqi about Helan Mingyu’s illness, and now she is afraid that she will come to see her soon. Xiao Chengxu and Helan Mingyu looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Xiao Chengxu had to get up and leave, but he would always guard Helan Mingyu and never leave.

Xiao Chengrui is very worried about Helan Wanyin and her children. Recently, she has to wake up several times every night. Helan Yunqi advised him not to always go to Helan Wanyin’s place. Today is Helan Wanyin’s birthday, so it’s okay to visit. Ling Zhen’er hadn’t seen Helan Mingyu dance for a long time, and begged her to change clothes and jump on a song. Helan Mingyu had to agree. Xiao Chengrui hesitated for a long time or went to Helan Mingyu Palace, but she happened to see her dancing in a red dress, her dancing graceful and heartstrings.

Xiao Chengrui was immediately shook his heartstrings, and Helan Mingyu wanted to let him go to Helan Wanyin. There, Xiao Chengrui thought that Helan Yunqi and Helan Mingyu deliberately lured him, but at this moment they are still playing tricks. However, this is only Helan Yunqi’s plan. I only wish Helan Mingyu a child from heaven. The days in the palace are long, and there is a hope for a child.

Helan Wanyin gave birth to a prince, Helan Yunqi stayed outside and was very happy, Helan Mingyu was also happy for her, and she finally came to the end of her suffering. Several concubines came to see Helan Wanyin. Xiao Chengrui hugged the child and loved him. Helan Wanyin was yin and yang strange to Helan Mingyu, and Helan Mingyu was always in love.

Xiao Chengrui gave birth to the prince because of Helan Wanyin. But the first four princes had never had such grace when they were born. Recently, someone asked Helan Yunqi if Xiao Chengrui wanted to make the fifth prince the prince. She was worried that the previous rumors were unfavorable. . After Xiao Chengrui heard it, he had to favor He Lan Wanyin and her child. He Lan Yunqi made a round and asked her to play chess with Xiao Chengrui. But Helan Mingyu was very perfunctory to him, and Xiao Chengrui let her back in disappointment.

Xiao Chengli invited the princes to dinner, saying that his two sons had worshipped Xiao Chengxu since they were young and had already taken military posts to his army. It’s just that everyone is dissatisfied with Xiao Chengrui’s love of Helan Wanyin, and also heard that he wants to canonize the fifth prince as the prince. Xiao Chengli has secretly helped a lot of Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan over the years, and as long as he remains neutral at that time, it will be considered good.

Today, the two sang red cheeks and the white cheeks led everyone to renounce Xiao Chengrui, but they still need to hold more real power. Xiao Chengxu and Xiao Chengxuan continued to interact and make courtiers, and gradually attracted many Qin Gui courtiers, but the most important thing was their own strength. As long as they had strength, they only needed to wait for an opportunity.

The story of Xiao Chengrui’s establishment of the fifth prince came out, and Xiao Qihan’s mother and son were very dissatisfied. Helan Wanyin loves her son very much, but with his own hard work, Concubine Hui and Su Yuying stare at each other and start to provoke discord.

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