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Airbenders 乘风少年 Episode 13 Recap

The new round of elimination system is very harsh. Old friends become opponents. Lin Chen and Guan Xi are in a group. Guan Xi doesn’t want to rehearse together because of her physical discomfort. Lin Chen is very worried that Guan Xi’s father is a director, and the quota will not No matter what he does, he will lose… Guan Xi found Mr. Wang and asked him whether it was the judge this time. His words revealed that there was a problem with the company’s funds, but his father would definitely advance and retreat with the company. He wanted to make his debut from here.

Mr. Wang understood what Guan Xi meant, and he certainly expressed his 100% support. It was just that he didn’t count this debut. The key was that Guan Xi had to be strong. Guan Xi saw that it was useless and left. , This scene happened to be seen by the sensitive Lin Chen. Lin Chen took out the songs he had recorded before to Teacher Han, hoping that Teacher Han could give herself a chance to compete fairly. Before he finished speaking, Teacher Han told Lin Chen to practice hard, don’t think about it, Lin Chen left lost. , I was still worried, even if Lu Xinghao and everyone believed him, he shined because he was not someone’s son…

Gu Yang and the others sat together. Everyone was panicked. They were very worried about the next day’s game, telling what they would do after being eliminated… Lin Chen was strong enough to stay, and then Lu Xinghao and Liang Chenxuan broke out. The potential is retained. Because Zhao Zhengnan and Gu Yang have the same vote, the judges need to discuss. Teacher Jiang and President Wang both want to keep Zhao Zhengnan, but Teacher Han said that Gu Yang is very good and his composition is very talented.

After discussion, Both Zhao Zhengnan and Gu Yang stayed because they wanted to build a long-term development team. Both Zhao Zhengnan and Gu Yang in the team were indispensable. While happy, Liang Chenxuan hoped that the judges would also keep Jackson. The judges said they The score gap is large, and it is a foregone conclusion that there is no possibility of change. Jackson returned to the dormitory to pack his things and left a photo of him and Liang Chenxuan when he was a child. Jackson walked out of the Weilai gate and saw Liang Chenxuan waiting in front of him.

Liang Chenxuan took out the hat given to Jackson when he was a child and looked at Liang Chenxuan. Particularly unwilling to give up, Liang Chenxuan admitted that he would definitely win and would not disappoint Jackson…Everyone saw Zhou Yan off, and Teacher Jiang was also here. Can Zhou Yan invite Teacher Jiang to dance alone after Zhou Yan is joking? Teacher Jiang said that he and Gu Yang had invited her before, and they laughed at the same time.

The Mid-Autumn Festival was coming, Lu Xinghao was packing his things and going home. He saw Gu Yang sitting there. Lu Xinghao asked him why he didn’t go home, but Gu Yang said that he would stay here this holiday. Lu Xinghao couldn’t bear Gu Yang being here alone, so he invited Gu Yang. Go to his house. Gu Yang came to Lu Xinghao’s home. Their home was different from his own. It was really lively and warm. Lu Xinghao’s mother made a table of delicious food for her birthday and bought a big cake. Lu Xingtian accidentally mentioned it. Gu Yang’s family, Gu Yang explained that his father left early, while his mother was abroad. Lu Xinghao’s father gave Gu Yang some food very warmly…

Zhao Zhengnan returned home for dinner during the Mid-Autumn Festival. His father still seemed to mind what happened before. Zhao Zhengnan didn’t eat a piece of meat. Zhao Zhengnan took a few bites and left, while his father secretly watched the back of his son leaving. Thicker than water, why bother this is. Lin Chen also returned home to eat for the holidays, and found that his father’s hand was injured, and the thermos cup was broken and he was reluctant to change it…

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