Fu Yun Little Princess (Part 1)

Fu Yun Little Princess (Part 1)
Other names: 福孕小王妃(上)
Author:  Chen Yuhua
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


This Xiang Fu Di fared really poor woman, was thrown into the home country even Shu women are not as nice, handkerchiefs return drugged ruin her innocence, if not send the wrong room with someone else, do not be wicked to succeed, and finally back to Beijing to be home Not to mention being chased and killed on the road, there is also a bad relationship between the unprofitable grandfather and aunt waiting for her to marry.

Fortunately, she was born again as a princess who was born in general and experienced court struggles.
However, the plan changes, she would shake off the match because of bad water to save people encounter “trouble”, which “trouble” is not just an old acquaintance was a prince, as she had intended to blow up do not know, after all, when she was He was poisoned again after the medicine was given, and the spring breeze used to take what he needed to save each other from fire and water, but the other side was stalking and be responsible. She didn’t want him to be responsible, but the children in her belly couldn’t wait…