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The Sea of ​​Stars Chinese Drama

The series is a set of women’s inspirational dramas. In the early 1990s, Jane Eyre, an orphan, moved to Guangzhou to work. She became an excellent foreign trade merchandiser and business manager with her cleverness, kindness and daring fighting spirit. After several turns, he set up his own foreign trade company, created a brand, and eventually grew into the CEO of a multinational group. The screenwriter is Su Xiaoyuan, who is also the screenwriter of “The Flower Blooms and the Moon Is Full”

For the lineup of heroes and heroines, netizens expressed their expectations. After all, they are both men and women, with acting skills, and both of them are very popular. However, fans on both sides had different opinions. Fans of Raymond Lam were dissatisfied with being pressured by Liu Tao on the stage. Some people even said: “Liu Tao can be the fucking Raymond, right? It’s terrible.”

But in fact, the show is dominated by women, and Liu Tao in recent years He has developed well and has already become a first-line actor. Therefore, it is completely normal to be worth more than Lin Feng. In addition, it is possible that Liu Tao is mostly shaping the image of a strong woman, with a strong aura, and he has already given birth to children in life. An intellectual woman with rich experience, or looks older than Lin Feng, but the difference between the two is only 1 year.

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