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Love is Sweet Episode 11 – 15

Episode 11
Fortunately, Tang Xin’s timely appearance turned the situation upside down and made Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai a great victory in the coordinated battle. In order to reward Jiang Jun, Yuan Shuai wants to show Jiang Jun his true cooking skills. Jiang Jun searched out all the ingredients in the house. He thought it was just a simple meal, but found that Yuan Shuai’s cooking skills are amazing, all hard dishes. Jiang Jun discovered the Rubik’s Cube deceived by Yuan Shuai when he was a child in Yuan Shuai’s house. The two people interacted ambiguously and emotionally heated up. Yuan Shuai knew that Du Lei was helping Wanshan behind the Wanshan incident, so the two met at the racing track. Yuan Shuai told Du Lei not to take advantage of Jiang Jun’s kindness and trust. Du Lei also said that he would not back down on Jiang Jun’s issue.

Episode 12
Jiang Jun approached Yuan Shuai to question about the house. Yuan Shuai was worried that what he liked about Jiang Jun was discovered. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jun didn’t think in that direction. Instead, he felt that Yuan Shuai raised the price of his original house and lowered the price of 702. Basically, I want to play the two of myself into a big quarrel and get separated. Jiang Jun moved away from 702 and temporarily lived in Xu Li’s house, while Yuan Shuai was depressed and went to Beijing on a business trip. In the Longting Convenience Store, Xu Li was depressed that Li Xiaochuan did not come to the convenience store to surf the Internet recently, but when delivering food, she accidentally ran into Li Xiaochuan who was entrusted by Yuan Shuai to take care of Wangcai at home during a business trip.

Episode 13
Jiang Jun woke up and found himself lying in 702. Through Xu Li, Jiang Jun learns that Yuan Shuai rescued him yesterday. Xu Li teases Jiang Jun. If Yuan Shuai doesn’t want to assassinate her, he has a crush on her. On the second day in the company, with Yuan Shuai’s encouragement, Jiang Jun bravely walked into Ma Xiuran’s office and told Ma Xiuran that he would no longer accept it. If Ma Xiuran had such an unreasonable work arrangement in the future, he would never accept it. After Jiang Jun left Ma Xiuran’s office, Yuan Shuai walked in. Ma Xiuran ridiculed Yuan Shui in a weird manner. Yuan Shuai put a picture of Ma Xiuran in women’s clothes on the table and threatened Ma Xiuran if he dared to target Jiang again. Jun, this picture of Jiang Jun was seen by the whole company.

Episode 14
After Li Xiaochuan introduced his APP, Yuan Shuai took Li Xiaochuan and others to the bar and hit Li Xiaochuan severely with the fact that he didn’t understand feelings at all, and everyone broke up. On the side of the Bund, Jun Jiang complained that Yuan Shuai was too subjective. Yuan Shuai said that he did this because he knew Li Xiaochuan. Li Xiaochuan is a person who doesn’t understand love at all. He will definitely know how to do anything related to love. failure. When the two talked about returning to themselves, Jiang Jun knew for the first time that Yuan Shuai had a secret crush for a long time. In the evening, Xu Li ran to Jun Jiang, begging Jiang Jun to introduce Du Lei to Li Xiaochuan, and Jun Jiang agreed.

Episode 15
The next day, Jiang Jun and Xu Li came to the team building site Li Xiaochuan said, and they startled Jiang Jun by the way they got off the car in the wilderness. At this time, Du Lei drove and brought Li Xiaochuan to him. After Li Xiaochuan got off the car, he distributed the climbing equipment to everyone and told Jiang Jun and Xu Li that today’s team building project was camping in the wild. In the company, Yuan Shuai was asking why Jiang Jun didn’t come to work and didn’t answer the phone. Suddenly, Zhu Yuyi of Chenxin Technology called and told Yuan Shuai that his company was to be acquired maliciously. Yuan Shuai had to put it down for the time being. Jiang Jun’s matter, to solve Zhu Youyi’s matter.

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