Diversity Plot

Love is Sweet Episode 16 – 20

Episode 16
Jiang Jun got up early in the morning and found that the water pipe in his toilet was broken. He hurriedly called Yuan Shuai to repair it. After the water pipe was repaired, Jiang Jun saw Yuan Shuai holding his stomach and his face was pale. He suspected that Yuan Shuai might be appendicitis, so he took Yuan Shuai to go. Hospital, but today is the day when Yuan Shuai made an appointment with Zhu Yi for a meeting. Yuan Shuai didn’t want to miss it. After some bargaining, Yuan Shuai promised Jiang Jun to go to the hospital with Jiang Jun after the meeting. When he arrived at the company, Zhu Youyi was very nervous. Jiang Jun used his university professional psychology knowledge to help Yuan Shuai comfort Zhu Youyi. Zhu Youyi finally lived up to Yuan Shuai’s expectations and completed an excellent speech.

Episode 17
After Yuan Shuai woke up after the operation, he found that Su Chang and Jonah were sitting next to him. Yuan Shuai asked Su Chang to take Jonah away, and then called Jiang Jun to trick her back. Jiang Jun, who had already walked to the door of the house After receiving a call from Su Chang, he rushed back to the hospital and brushed shoulders with Du Lei who had been waiting in the yard all night. Jiang Jun, who hurried back to the hospital, asked the nurse and found that there was nothing wrong with Yuan Shuai. Looking at the pretending Yuan Shuai Jiang Jun raised his hand and hit Yuan Shuai’s wound, Yuan Shuai quickly caught Jiang Jun’s hand. Pulling hard, Jiang Jun lay on Yuan Shuai’s body, and the sudden approach of the two people caused Jiang Jun to bump into the deer in his heart.

Episode 18
In the evening, Jiang Jun on his way off work received a call from Xu Li, telling her that the office in Westworld had been renovated. Li Xiaochuan had invited Du Lei to celebrate together. At the same time, Xu Li said that she would go to Jiang Jun’s house to change her clothes. . After Jiang Jun agreed, he suddenly remembered that Yuan Shuai was still at home, so he called Yuan Shuai to hide. Xu Li, who entered Jiang Jun’s house, saw a lot of men’s things very strange. At this time, Jiang Jun rushed back but found that it was too late. Facing Xu Li’s “interrogation”, Jiang Junzhi told Yuan Shuai to live. The facts in her own home, just when Xu Li was about to dig more deeply, Jiang Jun hurriedly used the matter of attending the evening celebration dinner to prevaricate.

Episode 19
At the weekend aquarium, Jiang Jun was going to help, but Xu Li told Jiang Jun that her biggest task today was to accompany Du Lei, the boss of their company, and urged the two of them to go in first. When Du Lei and Jiang Jun were visiting the aquarium, Yuan Shuai suddenly appeared. Du Lei and Yuan Shuai started to confuse each other as soon as they met. Jiang Jun couldn’t intervene and could not persuade the two of them. He had to sigh, “Once a man’s desire to win or lose is up, no matter how high his IQ is, he will Become an idiot”. At this time, Du Lei answered the phone, and Linda on the other end of the phone told Du Lei in a panic that Du Lei’s sudden cerebral thrombosis was now being rescued, and Du Lei hung up and hurried to the hospital.

Episode 20
After learning that Yuan Shuai had a girlfriend, Qiao Na couldn’t calm down for a long time and planned to ask for more information, so she pretended to see a client and asked Yuan Shuai to meet at the restaurant at night. In the ward, Du Lei looked at the adoptive father lying on the bed, and his heart was mixed. Du’s father woke up and saw Du Lei. At this time, Du’s father was very haggard. He apologized to Du Lei, saying that there was indeed a mistake in adopting him back then. If Du Lei really wanted to leave the Du family, he could satisfy his wish. In the company, Jiang Jun returned from seeing the customer from outside. Yuan Shuai saw Jiang Jun frozen and called Jiang Jun to the office to warm her hands with a hand roaster. Jiang Jun said that the first snow would fall tonight, and the two of them made an appointment for the evening. Eat hot pot together at home.

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