My wife is a hidden boss

My wife is a hidden boss
Other names: 我家夫人是隐藏大佬
Author:  Jiang Chujiu
Genre: Novel, Martial Arts, Cultivation
Release: 2020
Status: 472


It is well known that there is a frail and sickly beauty in the Jiang family. Beauty is beautiful, but the character is too tricky and ruthless. The Emperor wants to marry a lot, but no one dares to marry. Until one day – I heard that the most precious little ancestor of the Jiang family was taken lightly. The other party is an illegitimate child whose name is not righteous and also unknown.

In order to better spoil the sickly beauties, the illegitimate son took away the wealth of the Yan family. Later it was discovered that the sick beauty was actually a man. The two men definitely can’t be together, and everyone has their ideas on the bastard and Jiang Xiaozu. Later, those who made ideas, both men and women, were cleaned up by the little ancestors.

After a while, everyone discovered that the illegitimate child was not an illegitimate child, and that they were the most serious young masters. After another, the Young Master Yan Jia is a woman. Everyone: … dumbfounded. stunned. transfixed. The operation of this wave of virtual phoenix and fake phoenix is ​​almost 66666…6 to fly!

After marriage, the most often said by a sick beauty to Yan Shen: Yan Shen, don’t look at others, just look at me, otherwise I’m afraid I can’t help but let them disappear! I’m sick, you are my medicine and my destiny! I love what you love, hate what you hate, and have you for the rest of my life, so happy!

PS: Have a soft spot, double cleansing, healing system, also known as “Jiang Shao is a big lady in women’s clothing”


Chapter 1 The Boy Who Walked Out of the Comics
Chapter 2 Let you pay homage one by one
Chapter 3 Scheming White Lotus Green Tea Your Uncle’s
Chapter 4 She is Jiang Chi
Chapter 5 Being Locked by God
Chapter 6 The Tune of Hyakki Yexing
Chapter 7 Antidote for You
Chapter 8 Love Rivals Don’t Know How Many Numbers
Chapter 9 Brother Sanwu Qingxu
Chapter 10 Jiang Si is gone