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The Moon Bright For You Episode 1 – 5

Episode 1
Ten years ago, Xiao Guo and Yan Guo fought a decisive battle on the border. Wu Lin leader Lin Xiaotian led a team to aid Xiao Army and turned things around. Then there was news of Lin Xiaotian’s violent death, leaving the position of Wu Lin leader empty. The ten-year martial arts conference is about to be held in Jun’an. The daughter of Jingzhou Zhanjia Villa, Zhan Qinghong, wants to see the first beautiful man in Jun’an: Lin Xiaotian’s son, Lin Fang. It is said that his frail posture is not so romantic. . The mischievous Zhan Qinghong often made the villa uneasy, but accidentally inherited the position of the doormaster. Under the instruction of his father Zhan Broken, he brought the maid Xiaolan to Jun’an to participate in the martial arts conference.

Episode 2
Zhan Qing Hong was insulted for nothing, returned to the inn, the more he wanted to get more angry, and no sleep all night. In order to find the owner of Warm Heart Pearl as soon as possible, Zhan Qinghong used the “Wulin Fengsheng” to announce the lost and found, but was recognized on the spot. The crowd rushed to Zhan Qinghong to ask for warm heart beads. Fortunately, Wen You showed up and helped. Zhan Qinghong escaped, and Zhan Qinghong said that he would not forgive him. When Zhan Qinghong returned to the inn, the room was completely renewed. It turned out that Lin Fang ordered someone to send something.

Zhan Qinghong was invited to have a meeting with Lin Fang, and recognized that Lin Fang was the man he met by chance that day. Zhan Qinghong was amazed at the hospitality, even eating and drinking, and not tempted by Lin Fang’s words. Thinking of it, suddenly Lin Fang suffered a stubborn illness. Zhan Qinghong generously took out the heart-warming beads to get him to get rid of his internal injuries. Lin Fang declined. When Zhan Qinghong saw that Lin Fang became ill, he still had to participate in the martial arts conference. Zhang Yi said that he would protect him. Lin felt relieved and moved.

Episode 3
Lin placed in the cave on the other side and heard Zhan Qinghong’s voice. Trick Feng not to fly to regain the warm heart beads. Feng Bufei rushed to the back hole, and Zhan Qinghong resorted to aggressive warfare, letting Feng Bufei slap the white tiger gang leader to death. Zhan Qinghong took the road and fled. The helplessness was not due to Feng’s opponent. At this time, General Xia Houying arrived and tried to fight the phoenix without flying. Zhan Qinghong saw that the two masters had done a good job and took a big shot on the loose rock wall.

Hole rolled into the secret room next door and accidentally rescued Lin Fang. The Baihu Gang was wiped out, Zhan Qinghong and Wen You cared about each other in unison, and smiled at each other. At this time, a swindler raised a knife and slashed towards Gentle. Xia Houying took a shot, gentle and secretive. Wen You reported to Xia Houying to thank Xia Houying. Zhan Qinghong also learned something, but learned that Xia Houying turned out to be his uncle.

Episode 4
Lin Fang, to relieve the annoyance of the two masters and servants of Qinghong, suggested that they go to appreciate the lanterns together. On the banks of the Qinhuai River, the lights are on. Everyone was wearing masks like the pedestrians on the street. Lin Fang took Zhan Qinghong to the riverside to light the lights. The two of them faced each other with candles in their eyes. Zhan Qinghong fell in love with a sugar man, but Princess Hua Yao also fell in love with him. The two were unable to fight, and Hua Yao almost fell during the pull. Wen You stepped forward and fought with Zhan Qinghong, and both of them grabbed their masks. Falling, recognized the other person in shock.

Wen You relieved the princess to let her return to the palace to rest, and then the storm was calmed down. At this time, Xia Houying’s call came from the water pavilion, inviting everyone to talk about the wine, Lin Fang hinted that Xia Houying was exploring Wen You, Xia Houying let everyone talk about martial arts, the gentle young man’s ambition was quite appreciated by Xia Houying, and the gentleness suddenly expressed Xia Houying , Put forward to agree with the body, Wen You rebuked gentleness without tutoring how to marry Cao Mang, these words pierced Zhan Qinghong’s heart, draw a sword to compete with Wen You. The two competed on the Qinhuai River. Zhan Qinghong suddenly fell into the water and sank. Wen You fished out the fallen Zhan Qinghong. Zhan Qinghong’s old injuries relapsed, and Wen You was guilty and impatient for a while.

Episode 5
Wen You saw that Zhan Qinghong also jumped to the cliff. He was shocked, but saw Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong squeezed on the cliff crack. Zhan Qinghong happily pointed to the opposite stone monument, which was the end of the first level. Wen You thinks that the distance is too far to protect himself, let alone bring Lin Fang. Zhan Qinghong was full of confidence, and asked Wen You to throw stones between the cliffs to take advantage of her strength, and she led Lin to let it go. Wen You is no more than two people, so he has to give his life to accompany the gentleman. Unexpectedly, the mysterious person who has been in ambush for a long time will take advantage of the stone to knock down. Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang are about to slide down weightlessly.

Wen You quickly shoots the second stone, which is safe. Reaching the opposite bank, the three of them escaped dead on the edge of the cliff. Wen You saw that someone was going to assassinate Lin Fang, hoping that he would not cause trouble to fight Qinghong. Everyone came to the cave through the first level and showed the giant flags of the “God and Ghost Game”. Inside the cave, the mountains were swaying, and there were people sliding down the abyss. Lin Fang saw Zhan Qinghong continue to slide down, shouting danger. Zhan Qinghong accidentally slid down into the abyss, and Wen You died to save his life. The game of ghosts and ghosts each sent you to me. Lin Fang finally presided over the overall game. Finally, the game began, and “pieces” were constantly being eaten. In the end, Lin Fang sacrificed Zhan Qinghong’s son. Save the entire red side wins. Wen You thinks that Lin Fangxin has a deep heart and ignores Zhan Qinghong’s life. The game is over. Zhan Qinghong and Wen You Lin Fang meet again, but Wen You still doesn’t want to trust Lin Fang.

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