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The Moon Bright For You Episode 6 – 8

Episode 6
Zhan Qinghong and Wen You stood high in the dense forest. Seeing the man in black approaching Lin Fang, Zhan Qinghong stepped forward to rescue Lin Fang despite Wen You’s stopping. But Wen You still doesn’t trust Lin Fang. The last level, “Linglong Tower”. Everyone enters the tower, there are no rules and no means, and they fight to the last person, and the new martial arts leader opens the door. The crowd fought together. Gu Yan asked if the head of Ji was sent by his father to help him secretly. Gu Yan learned that his father had cheated, and he was ashamed and indignant. Lin Fang saw that Sun Chuang, the Feiying Gate, was pretending to be the “Three Nether Demons”, Feng Bufei, and everyone was shocked.

Feng Bufei wanted to hit Lin Fang with a palm, and Zhan Qinghong used his body to protect Lin Fang in a hurry. Seeing her fall from the top of Linglong Tower, Wen Youfei leaped up and hugged Zhan Qinghong who had passed out. The crowd waited anxiously for the result outside the tower. The gate of Linglong Tower opened wide, and one person walked out, but it was Lin Fang. Xia Houying was the first to admit that Lin Fang was the new leader, and then Gu Yue had to admit Lin Fang. After the martial arts conference, Lin Fang and Wen You had a sincere dialogue, and the two decided to join hands in creating a flourishing martial arts world. Wen You took care of Zhan Qinghong carefully. The bewildered Zhan Qinghong always whispered Lin Fang’s name, which made Wen You feel uncomfortable. The excuse is to see the medicine for Zhan Qinghong, and fled.

Episode 7
Lin Fang concealed the fact that he was seriously injured, but as the leader of the league, he still looked like a slumber. He summoned the singer and dance girls to the inn. Since the leader wanted to rectify the martial arts, in order to explore the truth of the leader, various martial arts schools sent people to bring The gift congratulates the new martial arts leader. It even aroused the contempt and disdain of the martial arts people towards him. Rouge couldn’t bear the pain of Lin Fang being tortured by the poisonous hair, she secretly went to Zhan Qinghong without telling Lin Fang.

He quietly told Zhan Qinghong the truth about the Nuan Xinzhu, only then did Zhan Qinghong know that the Nuan Xinzhu belonged to Lin Fang, and it was his life-removing medicine. Zhan Qinghong immediately decided to give Lin Fang the Heart Warm Pearl to continue his life. On Wen You Street, he heard the wind of martial arts ranting, saying that Zhan Qinghong drove away the singing and dancing girls in the room and wanted to dominate Lin Fang. Wen You knew it was impossible, but couldn’t help but speed up. Zhan Qinghong took out the pulverized heart-warming beads and forced Lin to let them go.

After taking the heart-warming beads, Lin vomited a mouthful of blood. Not only was it bad, it seemed that the injury was more serious. Zhan Qinghong was anxious to give Lin Fangyun the beads, Wen You rushed to the inn and asked if Zhan Qinghong was in the room? When Zhan Qinghong heard Wen You’s voice, he was overjoyed. Zhan Qinghong called Wen You in inside, and said frankly that he was healing with Lin Fang and needed Wen You’s protection. Wen You came in and found that Zhan Qinghong was really healing Lin Fangyungong, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Wen You saw that the two were magnanimous and took the initiative to take on the role of guarding them.

Episode 8
In front of the palace gate, the princess found that Zhan Qinghong’s clothes were exactly the same as herself. She clashed with Zhan Qinghong, and Wang Dun released the siege. At the beginning of the banquet, Prime Minister Wang Dun gave a reward to the new martial arts leader, rewarding gold and a mansion, and Zhan Qinghong’s enviable look was scorned by Wen You. Just as Zhan Qinghong turned his grief and anger into appetite, Lin Fang took out two tokens and canonized Wen You and Zhan Qinghong as the leader, one as the deputy leader and the other as the protector.

Wang Dun presented a pair of imperial Juejue swords to Wen You and Zhan Qinghong respectively. Zhan Qinghong was pleasantly surprised. Hua Yao proposed to Zhan Qinghong to show off his newly acquired weapon. Zhan Qinghong deliberately showed off and danced the sword technique of attacking clouds at the banquet. The guard next to him suddenly flew up a stone, and Zhan Qinghong almost fell over. , Wen You suddenly came onto the court, and the two danced swords together, while Lin played the piano next to him, and the three of them worked together seamlessly.

A weird accident occurred at Ruyimen in the suburbs of Beijing, dozens of people disappeared, leaving only the master Lu Ming, Lin Fang and Xia Houying to investigate, and Zhan Qinghong and Wen You exchanged sword training methods. The martial artist asked the leader to thoroughly investigate Ruyimen.

Episode 9
Xia Houying wants to pass on the swordsmanship of Wen You and Zhan Qinghong. He ordered both of them to study well, and gave Zhan Qinghong the only one. Zhan Qinghong is proud that Xia Houying still loves herself, but Xia Houying leaves a word and asks her to copy another copy to Wen You. Zhan Qinghong wanted to improve his martial arts and better protect Lin Fang’s banner.

He pleased Lin Fang and asked the leader to help him copy the sword. Lin Fang gave Zhan a resounding name to thank Zhan Qinghong for his dedication. Qinghong-Gongyun Fairy. Wen You and Su Batian were just about to search the mountains for clues to golden bell flowers, when suddenly the princess sent someone to call away Wen You and said there were clues to golden bell flowers. Taking advantage of the lack of manpower, Zhan Qinghong followed Su Batian to search the mountain.

The two found traces of golden bell flowers through bees on the mountain. After entering the palace, Wen You found that the princess’s so-called clue was actually a dance music, and left angrily. Zhan Qinghong refuses to listen to Su Batian’s advice and rushes into the hostage house. Su Batian is killed by the killer, and the wife of Ruyimen is abducted by the killer. Zhan Qinghong didn’t eat or sleep because of Su Batian’s death, and Wen Youlai persuaded him to dance with Zhan Qinghong.

Lin Fang saw that the blood line on his hand grew another inch. Ruyimen Lu Ming came to visit the leader, but unexpectedly, he wanted to kill Lin Fang. Lu Ming and Fang Gu were instructed to use them. Zhan Qinghong went to ask Lin Fang how to win Wen You, and Lin Fang told him to use the heavy sword and the light sword. A group of martial artists gathered to discuss how to deal with Lu Ming’s affairs.

Episode 10
Everyone asked to kill Lu Ming. Lin Fang wanted Gu Yue to solve it. When Gu Yue was hesitant, Fang Gu suddenly appeared and identified Gu Yue as the same group. Everyone said that Gu Yue and the Xiyan people colluded with foreign enemies. Yan suddenly appeared to confess Gu Yue’s crime. Seeing that the momentum was wrong, the head of Ji immediately turned to Gu Yue.

Gu Yue was taken into custody. The princess ordered two food boxes to Wen Mansion, one for Wenrou and the other for Wenyou. It turned out that the princess hid the poem in the food box and wanted to explore Wen You’s heart. In some circumstances, Wen You took a food box without a note and gave the cake to Qing Hong to eat. The princess misunderstood that Wen You was also interested in herself. Gu Yan took poison and apologized in order to let Gu Yue go, and Lin Fang was bitter.

Zhan Qinghong came up with various strange tricks to relieve Lin Fang. Zhan Qinghong, Linfang and Wen You and his entourage set off for Cangwu. Xia Houying taught as an elder, and the three of them were taught. Zhan Qinghong was deeply inspired. Gu Yue arrived at Cangwu one step ahead of time, and met with the first two factions in Cangwu in advance, intending to use the position of the leader to seduce Qinglong and the Yixuan faction to cooperate with them and kill Lin Fang.

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