Spring in Happiness (2020) 幸福里的故事

Spring in Happiness (2020)
Other Title: 幸福里的故事, Xing Fu Li De Gu Shi , Spring in Happiness , Beijing Sichen Story , The Story of Happiness

Genres: drama, Life, Drama, Family
Yang Yazhou
Dong Qiang (General), Zhang Huimin, Wang Li, Zhang Liang, Zhu Yu, Wu Yang
Release Date: 
Oct 9, 2020
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  • Li Chen as Li Qiang
  • Wang Xiao Chen as Chen Zhen’er
  • Su Qing as Hu Meihua
  • Zheng Lu as Hu Xikai
  • Liu Li Li as Jin Dama
  • Qin Yan as Jin Daye
  • Che Xiao as Hu Meizhong
  • Yue Yue as Yang Feiyan

It tells the decades of life and growth of young people living in the Hutong, Beijing. The unique perspective shows the aggressive and innovative fighting spirit of Li Qiang, Chen Wal, Hu Meihua, and Wu Xikai in the new era where the “little people” made efforts to change their own destiny and pursue ideals and a better life.

In 1978, Chen Lina, Wu Xikai, Li Qiming, Hu Meihua, and Xu Weidong all entered the college entrance examination room. But the results were announced, Chen Lina and Hu Meihua failed the rankings, Li Qiming was admitted to the accounting school, and Xu Weidong went to the military school. Then their lives and work have widened the gap. With the pulse of the times, Li Qiming made the first pot of gold in the market and eventually married Chen Lina. However, after self-expansion and abandoning his wife and children, Chen Lina was repeatedly hit by life but was unyielding and finally founded a well-known enterprise. Hu Meihua, who traveled to the United States, turned into a financier and returned to the Financial Street after a long absence. Xu Weidong grew up as an officer with excellent military ability in the difficult environment of guarding the frontier. Wu Xikai, who worked hard, was assigned to the district as a grassroots cadre after graduation. At the same starting line, with the sound of gunfire, everyone chose a different goal and ran forward. The ups and downs of fate brought everyone together from time to time, looking at the old streets of hutong archways. This is already the world’s financial street.

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