Anatomy about skull bones

Human skull or skull bones. Not caused by only 1-2 bone pieces come together But it is caused by almost 30 bones that have been assembled and located at our skull.

We can divide it into 2 main parts: the cerebral and facial bone.

  • Cranial Bones) (8 pcs.)
  • Parietal bone (2 pieces) opposite the top of the head, indented back.
  • Temporal bones (2 pieces) on either side.
  • Frontal (1 pc.) Front head
  • Occipital (1 piece), lower back to the lower back.
  • Ethmoid bone (1 piece) is located inside the nose between the eyeball.
  • Sphenoid bone (1 piece), if dissected horizontally, it will look like a butterfly

This picture is easier to see when we cut the skull in our bed and open it up in the middle of the butterfly shape. It’s that.

This is an Ethmoid that you can understand more about its.

  • Facial Bones (14 pieces)
  • Maxilla (2 pieces)
  • Zygomatic bone (2 pieces)
  • Mandible (1 piece)
  • Nasal bone (2 pieces)
  • Palatine (2 pieces)
  • Inferior nasal concha (2 pieces), this one is ignored.
  • Lacrimal bone (2 pieces) looks at the eye socket, between the maxilla and Ethmoid.
  • Vomer (1 piece), left-right nose guard, centered on the bottom of the nose. So where did the top go?

The answer is the top baffle, it’s part of the ethmoid bone, they’re called the perpendicula plate.