Upon The Mountain (2020) 越过山丘

Upon The Mountain (2020)
Other Title: 越过山丘, Over the hills, 越过山丘, Yue Guo Shan Qiu , Over The Hills , Across the Hills

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Shen Yujie
Su Yunmeng, Jiang Bing, Sun Ke, Guo Shuang
JSTV, Tencent, iQIYI
Release Date: 
Oct 9, 2020 – Nov 1, 2020
Related Show:
Based on Jinjiang Literature City’s original novel ” 金龟记” (The Golden Turtle)


  • Zhang Li as Ouyang Xialan
  • Kido Gao Hanyu Kido Gao Hanyu as Peng Yue
  • Jocelyn Zhou Qiqi Jocelyn Zhou Qiqi as Qiu Ling
  • Liu Xiaohai Liu Xiaohai as Peng Bo
  • Chen Muyang Chen Muyang as Lin Jiayang
  • Chen Yutong Chen Yutong as Jie Zutao

Ouyang Xialan is a trade investigator. Her work leads her to Peng Yue, the second son of the Tianguan Group. With two people from different worlds, their differences in ideals and motivations immediately puts them on opposite sides.

Set against the backdrop of the automobile industry, Ouyang Xialan (Zhang Li) is a professional who can do what it takes to complete her job. She has a personal reason in getting into Tianguan Group which is to find the reason behind her father’s death. Peng Yue is in charge of R&D for their company. Ouyang Xialan and Peng Yue’s first meeting was a disaster yet despite their bickering, the two develop feelings for each other.

After several twists and turns, the two finally came together after overcoming many difficulties, and brought the world to see China’s achievements in automobile. Source: baidu, cdramainfo

Han Jingji, born with a Beijing girl’s poor mouth and “the strongest brain” is her most distinctive feature. Now as an ordinary car 4S shop salesperson, she wants to have an ordinary and practical little happiness is her greatest wish . Encountered a returnee Zhai Zhijin was innocently involved in a bloody “automobile war”, and even faced imprisonment for a time. Zhai Zhijin tried every means to save Han Jingji, but in the end he could only use his life’s happiness as a bargaining chip to exchange his lover’s freedom.

After she was cleared of her grievances and released from prison, she decided to find the real culprit behind the scenes and fight a love defense battle for herself. In the end, Zhai Zhijin and Han Jingji finally fulfilled the dream of several generations of Chinese Autobots and won the approval and blessings of everyone.

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