Charm Doctor Allure

Charm Doctor Allure (Novel)
Other Name: 魅医倾城

Genre: novel, Sci-Fi
Author: Acacia Azusa
Year: 2019
Chapter: 4718
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Jun Muyan’s past lives were hard, and death was bleak. After resurrecting her life, there was a cold-faced adorable treasure beside her. “Xiaobao, the woman who wants to contract the holy beast is the mother’s enemy.” So the top-level holy beast became Xiaobao’s spiritual pet.”

Little Treasure, the inheritance of this Kagura Master is so powerful!” With a light push from the little hand, the inheritance barrier opened, and Jun Muyan became the only heir of Kagura Master. “Little Treasure, this man is always pestering his mother!” Little Treasure slapped him away and chased people away…Huh, can’t you go away? ! Are you my dad? What is Dad? Can you eat it?

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Boom——! !

The sound of thunder still rang in his ears, and Mu Yan woke up from the trance.

The burning pain from her body made her groan painfully.

She opened her eyes slowly, only to realize that she was lying in a small, dark enclosed space.

There was a faint smell of medicine on the tip of the nose.

Where is this?

Mu Yan tried to circulate the profound

energy in the body-the innate martial artist, even in the dark, he could see things.

However, suddenly, a piercing pain hit. The meridians of the whole body, as if torn by some hot force, will break at any time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

What happened? She remembered that she had just reached Innate Dzogchen.

Her friend Gong Qianxue found a body-building pill for her to help her hit the first realm of the path of cultivation-body-building.

Qianxue accompanied her to the Thunder Peak, and under the rotation of the profound energy, the nine-day thunder tribulation came.

Mu Yan clearly remembered that she had withstood eight heavenly thunders.

Only need to block the ninth sky thunder to advance to the forging realm.

But then, she felt a sharp pain all over her body and passed out.

Could it be that she failed to cross the catastrophe?

Mu Yan was panicking, suddenly a dazzling light lit up from above.

She barely opened her eyes and looked at it. When she saw the beautiful face that appeared above, she immediately said in surprise: “Qianxue!”

However, Gong Qianxue did not greet her with a smile as usual, but looked at her contemptuously.

Mu Yan sensed something was wrong, she forgot to look around, only to realize that she was in a pill furnace.

And Gong Qianxue’s face came in through the hole above the pill furnace.

“Qianxue, what’s going on? Is it because I failed to cross the catastrophe, so you are trying to treat me?”

Gong Qianxue was startled, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Jun Muyan, you are really better than a pig Stupid? Even now I thought I was for your own good.”

“You, what do you mean by that?”

“What do you mean? Haha, you think I gave you the bodybuilding pill to make you survive the thunderstorm? Stupid , Tell you the truth, that body-building pill can indeed help you survive thunder, but it is mixed with poison. When you experience nine heavenly thunders and begin to train your body and soul, the poison will occur.

” Stop joking.” Mu Yan struggled to get up, her voice hoarse and eager, “Qianxue, I know you like to play pranks with me, this is fake, right? You mean, I am your best friend? “

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