General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 5 Recap

The people who waited for a long time didn’t come, and the people in the warm tent were relieved with a glass of wine. It was not until after drunk and lethargic that Chu Xiuming opened the door of the room, picked up Shen Jin and gently placed her on the bed, and she was well The bed was tucked into the quilt, but instead of sharing the bed with her during the festive occasion of the red tent, he left a letter of resignation and Shen Jin’s jade pendant.

When she woke up early in the morning, Shen Jin had nothing besides these two chilling items, and Chu Xiuming was going to leave her. The maids and servants still looked happy and thought that the general and his wife had spent a full moon last night, but they saw Shen Jin running out angrily, seeming to be in a hurry to find the general.

At the gate, Chu Xiu knew that he was wearing an armor and strode out without any worries, and Shen Jin hurried out to stop him. Why write a letter of divorce? Obviously Chu Xiuming’s every move shows that he likes her. Chu Xiuming had a stern face. The big man was ambition in all directions, and he should not stick to the love of his children. But last night’s study room Shen Jin clearly responded when he kissed him, but now he uses these high-sounding reasons to prevaricate her. What is the reason?

Chu Xiuming couldn’t say any other reasons. He just insisted on divorcing his wife. Shen Jin was uncomfortable and angry. Why he said that he could divorce his wife. This matter is definitely not something that Chu Xiuming alone can make the final decision. Pull tore the paper apart, and the fragments rose to the sky.

Chu Xiuming left Yongning Bo’s Mansion and went to the barracks, probably not coming back for a long time. Shen Jin was angry. Why did he divorce his wife? She had to explain the reason to her face to face. Shen Jin was not so easy to dismiss her. Since Chu Xiuming went to the barracks, she also tried to get into the barracks.

Leopard Head brought a group of recruits in the barracks. A group of recruits stood under the scorching sun, lined up neatly. Chu Xiuming went down to check the qualifications of these recruits, but there was always a soldier who could not stand upright and swayed in the team, and when he stepped forward, it was Shen Jin.

The conscription is not limited to men and women, not to mention the background. Therefore, if you can’t drive away and say it is unreasonable, Chu Xiuming has to allow her to be here. But it’s not so easy to be Chu Xiuming’s soldier. You have to pass tests and contests. In the first round, he ran with the big sandbag, and when it was Shen Jin’s turn, the leopard changed the sandbag to a cotton bag quietly.

In the second round, Leopard’s head was compared. As long as you got the flagpole behind him, you won. Others came up and kicked and kicked Leopard’s head. These recruits couldn’t get close to him. When Chen Jin came, this was the General’s wife. Leopard’s head bowed down with a yawn. , The flagpole went to Shen Jin’s hands.

The remaining recruits, together with Shen Jin, began to practice the small meteor hammer. Chu Xiuming watched the underground recruits who were accidentally injured by improper manipulation from the school stage. He began to worry that Shen Jin was accidentally injured.

After all, the sword had no eyes. He called Shen Jin to the stage and practiced with her by himself, saying that it was a training partner, but Chu Xiuming didn’t dare to make any moves at all, just avoiding it blindly. On the contrary, Shen Jin doesn’t care, one has no scruples and the other blindly avoids. So Chu Xiuming was injured gloriously, and Shen Jin pointed to the tear in his clothes to persuade him to be careful of colds.

The presiding officer came to admonish again. It is said that Chu Xiuming had set up spies in the capital and knew everything the emperor said and did. This was a threat to the emperor. He would rather defend one 10,000 yuan than one, and the emperor ordered someone to intercept the capital and Chu Xiuming had all the posts there, and ordered Xiao Su to stand by at any time. The admonisher who had just left the palace where the emperor was, received the silver.

The news that the letters could not communicate quickly reached Chu Xiuming’s ears. Why did the emperor be suspicious? Could it be that there was any action on the side of the Rui Palace. And Shen Jin, who participated in the training, had already begun to choose weapon training. The energetic Shen Jin chose mace but was rejected by Chu Xiuming, and she was given a safe broom for training.

Chu Xiuming, who secretly paid attention to Shen Jin, found that Shen Jin’s side was getting more and more weird in the past two days. Her porridge was wrong, it was actually the sweet-scented osmanthus candy that Shen Jin put on herself. However, Chu Xiuming misunderstood the mistake of adding something to the porridge and knocked it out, angrily Shen Jin turned and left. The same is true for bathing. Only one Shen Jin among the men is a woman. How can this be washed? She prepared a bath and bedding for her in her general account, but Shen Jin was still stubborn and refused. Who made her a little The little recruit is not whose general wife.

But everyone in the barracks knows how sacred this woman is. The Datongpu where she is sleeping is afraid to squeeze with Shen Jin. She is the only one in the huge tent. In the middle of the night, she thought that no one would take a bath this time. She went to the bath with the washbasin, but was picked out by the patrol soldier as a spy.

The next day, Chu Xiuming called the general account. Chu Xiuming asked him to drink tea, but she wanted to drink. As long as she drank, she wouldn’t be fooling around. Alcohol was forbidden in the army, and Chu Xiuming couldn’t help but take her out of the barracks to drink in the wilderness. The drunk Shen Jin was swearing and complaining all the way. What kind of general did she marry?

It was like a cold, inhumane. Chu Xiuming was about to hug her, but she saw a lake. At last she was able to take a bath. She threw the hip flask and took off her clothes, which scared Chu Xiuming directly. She wanted to save her and didn’t dare to look. Turning around quickly, without warning, turned around and saw that Shen Jin had fallen into the lake early.

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