Sniper 瞄准 Episode 6 Recap

When Ouyang Xiangling came to the hospital, Ye Guanying’s efficacy had passed, but it was hard to say when he would wake up. Section Chief Cao asked Xiaoxue what question Su Wenqian asked her just now. Xiaoxue answered truthfully. He had to double the target and punch it through, and he needed to use the things in the stationery box to make marbles. You can ask Section Chief Cao.

Ouyang Xiangling asked Ye Guanying’s attending doctor Dr. Jian’s situation at the time. At that time, Ye Guanying recognized him as a doctor and refused to say anything. Ouyang Xiangling asked Dr. Jian to protect him. After all, he was Ye Guanying’s attending doctor. However, Doctor Jian was arrested by Chi Tiecheng.

Single-sided silently killed the policeman guarding the hospital downstairs. Su Wenqian also took the opportunity to enter the hospital quietly. He wanted to clear the suspicion and prove that he was not a spy and did not take away the intelligence, so he had to start with Ye Guanying. Su Wenqian dressed up as a doctor.

He knew that the jellyfish group would also come to the hospital, so he had to hurry up. Chi Tiecheng showed up to the hospital holding a bunch of flowers, Su Wenqian quietly stunned the policeman behind him. Ouyang Xiangling left temporarily, Shan Leng immediately took the opportunity to enter the ward, and brutally killed the police ambushing here, then Chi Tiecheng and Shan Leng entered Ye Guanying’s ward together and injected him with a drug.

Ye Guanying immediately reacted. He woke up, but couldn’t speak, just looked at the clothes on the hanger and fainted again. Chi Tiecheng then let the single-lens injection of drugs, regardless of the risk of death if the dose was too large. Ye Guanying said something in Chi Tiecheng’s ear, and then Chi Tiecheng shot him. The information was in the pocket of the emergency doctor, and Chi Tiecheng asked the apprentices to find and destroy it.

Su Wenqian hurried to Ye Guanying’s ward and found the bodies of the police and Ye Guanying. The police’s body was found by the nurse and caused a panic. Ouyang Xiangling hurried back when he heard the movement. Su Wenqian wanted to escape but thought of rushing back. Ouyang Xiangling angrily accused him of being in the same group as the jellyfish, and Su Wenqian also at this time. I was very annoyed.

After seeing the medicine left by the jellyfish group, I realized that they might not get the physical intelligence and immediately started looking for it. Ouyang Xiangling also followed when he saw it, but found that the ring on Ye Guanying’s hand was gone. Su Wenqian immediately went to find the changed surgical gown, and Ouyang Xiangling followed all the way.

Shan Leng went to the doctor’s office to search, but found nothing. Soon she thought of the surgical gown. After Shan Leng found the information, he immediately destroyed the information, and the content Chi Tiecheng already knew. Su Wenqian was once again handcuffed by Ouyang Xiangling, but refused to tell where the ring was, and asked her to make a phone call for herself. Section Chief Cao was solving the problem with Xiaoxue at home.

There was only one thing left in the stationery box, the tip of a pencil. Xiaoxue complained that this was not Su Wenqian’s fish and could not turn around in the air. Xiaoxue said that the wooden fish had fish patterns on it, so she didn’t turn her head. Section Chief Cao went downstairs immediately, and happened to receive a call from Ouyang Xiangling saying that Ye Guanying was dead. Section Chief Cao was very excited and the enemy’s strength was far beyond him. Think about it, it seems that they have come prepared.

Section Chief Cao asked Su Wenqian to answer the phone and asked him how he was willing to hand the ring to them. Although Qin Zishu was blind, her ears were smart because of this. She noticed that all the defenses at home had been removed. This was Section Chief Cao’s condition to let Su Wenqian go home to accompany Xiaoxue’s birthday. Section Chief Cao then went upstairs. Xiaoxue was sad because he was worried that Su Wenqian would not come back. Section Chief Cao couldn’t bear it. It turned out that Su Wenqian found the intelligence first, and replaced the real intelligence with fake ones. Ouyang Xiangling asked Su Wenqian to take Su Wenqian back to do something by himself.

Section Chief Cao helped Xiaoxue sharpen the pencil into a fish pattern, but there is still a way to make the pencil rotate when it is shot out. Xiaoxue tried it and found that the target was actually shot through. She was immediately happy, and Section Chief Cao also suddenly realized how Su Wenqian hit the wooden fish on Ye Guanying. At this time, Su Wenqian was sent back, Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue were relieved to see that he was all right.

Principal Fang and Cui Jiu came, and Shan Leng and the others were too lazy to take care of them. Chi Tiecheng asked them to invite guests to their seats. Su Wenqian made a table of dishes. He blamed himself for not buying a birthday cake for Xiaoxue, but Ouyang Xiangling came back with the Snow White cake. Xiaoxue happily hugged Su Wenqian and thanked him. Chi Tiecheng made foie gras for President Fang and Cui Jiu, and President Fang asked about intelligence.

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