Guitar Brothers (2020) 吉他兄弟

Guitar Brothers (2020)
Other Title: Guitar Brothers / 吉他兄弟 / Ji Ta Xiong Di

Genres: drama
Li Shu
Lyu Pinpin
Release Date: 
October 18, 2020
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  • Ying Haoming as Fang Qinghua
  • Gao Ziqi Gao Ziqi as Fang Qingming
  • Wang Ting Wang Ting as An Jing
  • Yang Feiyang Yang Feiyang as Su Mei
  • Louis Yuen Siu-cheung Louis Yuen Siu-cheung as Liang Jiafu

A story that follows brothers Fan Qingming and Fang Qinghua who leave rural living behind to work at a guitar factory. After overcoming many difficulties, the factory workers rise the ranks to become the owner and return home to establish their brand.

Gelau girl Zhou Xiuzhi mysteriously went missing after a year of working. Fifteen years later, her two sons came to Guangzhou to follow the path that their mother once took. Having disappointed his brother, Fang Qinghua (Ying Haoming) is determined to prove that he can make something out of himself. He also meets An Jing (Wang Ting) who is calm and wise and Su Mei (Yang Feiyang) who is beautiful and passionate thus igniting his decades long entanglement with two women.

Fang Qingming (Gao Ziqi) is conservative compared to his brother which often results in disputes. When it comes to guitars, he is a technical talent who is dedicated towards improving and innovating guitar production. Despite their differences, the two brothers work together to make a name for themselves in the industry.

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