Line Walker 3 (2020) 使徒行者3

Line Walker 3 (2020)
Other Title: 使徒行者3 / Line Walker: Bull Fight / Apostle Walker 3

Genres: drama
Hong Kong
Su Wancong, Su Jiamin
Release Date: 
November 16, 2020
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  • Lin Feng
  • Miao Qiaowei
  • Ma Guoming
  • Yuan Weihao
  • Huang Zhiwen
  • Huang Cuiru
  • Cai Sibei
  • Zhang Zhenlang
  • Xu Shaoxiong
  • Hong Yongcheng
  • Lian Shiya
  • Lin Xuanyu

“Apostle Walker 3” is a fashion bandit war and suspense TV series jointly produced by Penguin Television and Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., led by Miao Qiaowei, Lin Feng, Ma Guoming, Yuan Weihao, Huang Zhiwen, Huang Cuiru, Cai Sibei, Zhou Pakhao and Zhang Zhenlang. It is starred by Hong Yongcheng and Lian Shi Ya special performance, co-starred by Xu Shaoxiong, Lin Xuanyu, Jiang Meiyi and Li Guolin, supervised by Su Wancong, and produced by Sun Zhonghuai and Du Zhike. This play is one of the 14 episodes of the 2020 wireless program tour.

This drama is the first time that Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Co., Ltd. is given priority to be broadcast on a streaming platform in the world. It is alleged to symbolize the moment when Hong Kong Free TV is replaced by a streaming platform.

Categories: Drama, Hong Kong Drama

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