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Start Up: My New Creation Era (TV Series)


In “Started”, Bae Soo-ji played the role of Seo Da-mi, who was admitted to university but had done almost any part-time job after dropping out in order to earn more than 100 million won in opportunity fees. Because I started social life very early, with a wide network of contacts and good relationships. Not wanting to lose to the sister who married the chaebol II, embarked on the road of suffering with Jobs’s dream. Nan Zhu He will serve as the founder of Sanshan Technology, Nan Daoshan. He likes programming, and he won the youngest prize in the Mathematical Olympiad as a child, which is the expectation of the Nan family.

Today, 15 years later, the family is ruined. I joined my friends in starting a business. I have been starting a business for 2 years but only wasted investment funds. This is the first combination of Bae Soo Ji and Nam Joo Hyuk. Just like the meeting of two actors, the director and writer have great expectations. Bae Suzy is the third work following Park Hye-ryeon’s “Dream High” and “When You Are Sleeping”. Director Wu Zhonghuan became a “heat maker” with successive successes of “Doctors”, “When You Are Sleeping” and “Druner Hotel”.

[AKA] Start Up / Start Up: My New Creation Era / μŠ€νƒ€νŠΈμ—… / ε•Ÿε‹•δΊ†
[Screenwriter] Park Hye Yeon
[Director] Oh Kyung Hwan
[Starring] Bae Soo Ji / Nam Joo Hyuk / Kang Hanna / Kim Sun Ho
[Genre] Korean drama / plot / TVN weekend drama
[Broadcast] October 17, 2020 – December 6, 2020
[Broadcast] Korean TVN
[Update] will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:45 pm
[number of Episodes] 16 episodes

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